Happy Organic September

It’s #OrganicSeptember shining the spotlight on all the benefits that organic farming has for us all. Not about being all Goop-y but choosing organic, when and if you can, makes a big difference to improving the whole ecosystem, soil health, biodiversity, wildlife, climate conditions for all. So a big THANK YOU to the farmers and farm workers doing the hard work taking care of the land. Without them there would be no organic anything. 💚

Lynda in a field of calendula and chamomile at Herb Farm
Me in a field of calendula and chamomile at Herb Farm

Us humans are tenants from hell. Mother Nature won’t stand for much more of our shenanigans……..so anything we can do to respect her counts!

mullein petals at Herb Farm
Mullein petals drying

If I ruled the world, organic would be affordable for everyone and the norm (like it’s been for most of human existence). Plus I’d put a massive tax on so-called “conventional” which is anything but, has only been around for 100 or so years and is literally costing the earth. Intensive farming and pesticide use are causing serious pollution and damage to health – ours and the planet’s.

Organic echinacea growing at Herb Farm
Organic echinacea growing at Herb Farm

Talking affordable, next week is the Soil Association’s Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week and I’ll be sharing some budget friendly organic beauty buys so keep an eye out.

Are there any particular products you try and buy organic? 💚

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