Shrimpy’s: Soft Shell Crab Burger Love

To save you walking around like a wally – the entrance is around the back of this. Service started strangely, I was actually told to shush by barwoman when I asked to be served having waited quietly for about 15 minutes in half-empty restaurant. Then was ignored for another 5 minutes. Luckily I was in a good mood AND on my mission which I dared not fail (my stomach).

The excellent bar tender fixed me this colourful beverage:

Blue Rinse

And then the reason why I came. You know THAT scene in When Harry Met Sally? That was me eating this soft shell crab burger (£16).

Shrimpy’s Soft Shell Crab Burger
Inside – hot sauce, avocado, gherkin, lettuce

Mission accomplished. Shrimpy’s I salute you.

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