Free Exhibition, London: Bedlam Down There

Bedlam, a free exhibition currently on in the Old Vic tunnels under Waterloo Station, curated by the Lazarides Gallery.  The collection of “outsider art” (the gallery’s term), focuses on the themes of mania, chaos, confusion and nightmares.

Stepping into the pitch black entrance down a ramp immediately discombobulates.  Spread across the warren of dank tunnels beneath the station, the continual drip of water down the walls, cobwebs in every corner, rumbling and vibrations from trains above and tubes below and the constant fear that rats are lurking, it’s the perfect setting for the show. Art on display ranges from eerie beauty, provocative, macabre to just odd – it’s an engaging experience.

There’s also a bar and sushi restaurant down there. Damp smell aside, it’s as spruced up as a tunnel gets with none of the usual unpleasantness. And even if you’re not into the art, it’s an excellent opportunity to explore this usually hidden space.

The exhibition  runs from now until 21 October. Entry is free but tickets need to be booked in advance.  For details and to book see here

My pics:

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