London Nail Salon Discovery: Nailgirls

There are a zillion neon-lit nail shacks on every high street but sometimes you just fancy somewhere well a little fancy. I’d heard of Nailgirls, the London-created, four-free nail polish brand but only recently discovered their Islington salon when I booked a £30 manipedi offer. Located in the posh bit of Islington, the salon has quite a yummy mummy vibe – there’s an Aesop next door and Ottolenghi in Pilates-stretch distance. 


In some salons, it feels like you don’t get the same quality of service when you’ve booked a special offer. On this occasion, I had no complaints. The nail technician did an excellent and very thorough job verging on anal which I really appreciated! (not a fan of sloppy-can’t-be-bothered work).

Nailgirls have a fantastic colour range with unusual tones. Like the perfect red lipstick, the right shade of red nail polish is hard to find. Though I have about 50 bottles of polish, I don’t own any bright red and haven’t worn it in close to 10 years yet I found a colour i liked here. It was also the longest lasting normal manicure I’ve ever had. These are my nails eight days later. For red polish without any touch up, I think that’s excellent wear. Only downside was that my nails were a little stained when I took the polish off.

It was raining when I visited so I just got a glimpse of the pretty garden courtyard. Customers were offered soft drinks however I didn’t see any sign of The Drying Lounge where you can watch movies mentioned on their website.

Keep an eye on the website for special offers. I’d certainly recommend.

Nailgirls, 50 Cross Street, Islington, London N1 2BA. T: 020 7359 2772

UPDATE: The salon closed on 26 January 2014

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