New London Cable Car: Best Public Transport in London Ever

Unless you’re James Bond it’s not often you can say you commuted to work by cable car. I recently had the chance to do so and it was awesome. In 20 years of using public transport in London, this is unquestionably my BEST JOURNEY EVER. No trying to avoid inhaling random strangers’ BO, no feeling like Garfield squashed against a window, no crowds, no standing on the left, nobody shouting “move down the carriage”. At the end of the ride, I got out of my pod feeling invigorated and ready to take on the world – not the usual commuting experience at all.

All thanks to the new cable car across the river Thames.  The downside is that the Emirates Line, connecting North Greenwich and Royal Docks, is located somewhere that is of no use to 99.99999999% of Londoners and visitors. Nevermind, if you’re in London, find a reason to ride at least once.

There’s something quite Jetsons about the graphic design and architecture. If you suffer from a touch of vertigo like I do, be aware that it is pretty high.  There are a few moments when the cabin stops and shudders and your stomach might lurch. Just take a deep breath. The ride, between eight and 10 minutes long, is short enough that your excitement at the spectacular views will be excellent distraction therapy.

Tickets cannot be booked in advance and cost £4.30 cash or £3.20 with an Oyster or Travelcard (one-way).  There is also a carnet style £16.00 for 10 single journeys.

For further info see here

London cable car 1Each time I’ve used the cable car there’s been more staff than passengers. I really hope it doesn’t become a White Elephant.

  1. Great blog. It looks great! They are talking about one in Birmingham to link up train stations when the HS2 opens. And anyway for me there is something wonderful about a white elephant if I’m one of the people who likes it! I

  2. Love this blog, LOVELYANDLOVELY. My partner is a paraplegic wheelchair user and he felt that same sense of invigourating liberation that you mentioned when he recently ventured onto The Emirates Line. We’re from Brum and he went on his London adventure without me and I must confess to feeling a wee bit jealous. However, as Steve Zacharanda has mentioned, the possibility of one here in Birmingham is making me feel dizzy with excitement. The last time I went on a cable car was some 20 years ago as a teenager at Alton Towers. You mentioned Bond which of course made me think of me favourite villain, Jaws…. I then merrily drifted off onto other cable car trails of thought and remembered that New York have had a commuter cable car for years. The Roosevelt Island cable car also featured in an episode of CSI: NY – someone was killed in it! Happen The Emirates Line and the future Brum Car will also feature in a telly crime drama. Thanks again for this fun blog! ;o)

    1. Aw thank you! I really love it and wish i could use it every day though maybe it would lose it’s magic. It’s that first glimpse of snow falling feeling. I got chatting to an Irish chap who told me there was a ferry in Ireland that people travelled on with cows and sheep. I thought he was pulling my leg but googled after and it was true! (Dursey Island). You need to plan a London jaunt and get yourselves back on the Emirates Line.

  3. Yikes! The fact you say there seems to be more staff than customers makes me wonder how long it’s going to be around for. I better made sure I experience it before it’s too late. Love your pics. That’s exactly the reason I want to give it a go – for the amazing views of London.

    1. It’s a shame, a FOI request showed that there are only 12 (!) regular users. Total waste of money where they built it. Sadly i think you’re right it will probably close. I’ve used it about 5 times and nearly every time I had carriage to myself. It is brilliant though so you and your nephew should get there while you can.

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