Top Tips For Picking The Right Foundation In-store and Online

Lisa Eldridge, A-list makeup artist extraordinaire, has done a brill set of videos called ‘Foundation Course’, all about buying and choosing the right foundation. I find foundation is often the trickiest, most expensive and least fun makeup item to buy.  I’m sure all of us have wasted money buying ones that looked perfect in the shop, more often than not tested on our hands, which unsurprisingly didn’t match at all when we took it home. I know I’ve sent many bottles to the foundation graveyard.

This particular video focusses on how to shop for foundation. I really don’t enjoy the department store experience and often find it stressful dealing with beauty counter staff. They always seem to want to match me to colours that I know don’t work for me and when I ask for a sample they behave like I’m asking them to donate their kidney to me. Anyway Lisa, THE expert, says you should NEVER buy without trying.  So there. She says always ask for a sample to properly road test a foundation – the terrible lighting, stress, time of day, not taking makeup off properly and so on means you can’t tell from trying in a department store. The video has lots of other great tips.  I think all cosmetic companies should show this video to their staff for training.

Watch the full set of #foundationcourse videos here.


For those buying foundation online, I’ve recently discovered this great resource Findation.  It’s a global project to create the world’s biggest foundation database, to help consumers find their perfect match.


I tested it by entering a couple of items i own and it came up with a couple of other products that I’ve also used so it seems to be pretty on the money!

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