Alima Pure Foundation & Concealer Review and Swatches


Discovering a fantastic green beauty, inclusive makeup range that gives Fenty Beauty a run for its money, and is now available here in the UK, makes me do the happy dance. Trust green beauty mecca, Content , to be on the case, stocking Alima Pure.

Alima Pure makeup is made with all natural pigments and free from parabens, sulphates, synthetic dyes, phthalates, dimethicone, petroleum, talc, bismuth oxychloride, and nanoparticles. Many though not all the items are vegan-friendly.  I’ve previously used and loved the Alima Pure Pearluster Eyeshadows  so couldn’t wait to get stuck in and put a bit more of the range to the test. Read on for my thoughts on a selection of Alima Pure products.


Alima Pure Liquid Silk Foundation Review
Alima Pure Liquid Silk Foundation, 30ml, RRP £38

Base remains one of the toughest green beauty nuts to crack. My dry skin loves liquid foundation but they are few and far between in darker shades. So I was particularly excited to test the Alima Pure Liquid Silk Foundation, which is available in 10 shades with different undertones catered for.

Alima describes it as:

“A sheer, buildable, moisturising liquid foundation in a range of 10 flexible shades. This vegan foundation feels like you’re putting on moisturiser. It blends seamlessly with just the right amount of slip, leaving your skin feeling soft and hydrated. Coverage is up to you – go for a natural-skin finish that shows off your freckles or set it with Alima Pure’s pressed foundation for matte coverage. Together, they enhance your skin without hiding it.”

I’d agree with most though not all of that. To me this is more of a tinted moisturiser and skin enhancer than foundation. The coverage is very sheer and though buildable it doesn’t really cover anything. What it does do is even out the skin and make it look better with a natural looking, soft, satin finish almost like a filter. Think My Skin But Better. Cake Face fans won’t be feeling this.

The Alima Pure Liquid Silk foundation has a light cream texture that blends in to the skin easily. Ingredients include argan oil, coconut oil and Hyaluronic Acid which certainly add to the hydrating feel of the product. I’m all about the dewy finish, so always prep my skin with a hydrating mist and oil before makeup. When I skipped this, I found that this foundation did cling to any dry patches.  A flat brush is best to apply with as it dries down quite quickly and using my fingers left streaks.

Alima Pure Liquid Silk Foundation is available in 10 shades. Here are swatches of the three darkest.  ‘Heat’ is my match. I love the yellow undertones that work perfectly with my skin and I’ve been reaching for it most days.

Alima Pure Liquid Silk Foundation Swatches
Alima Pure Liquid Silk Foundation Swatches

As per my top tips for foundation buying  do get a sample from Content to be sure of your colour match. I found that the colour deepens slightly as it dries down though the sheerness of the coverage gives some wiggle room if you do pick a shade that is a tad too light or dark.


Alima Pure Cream Concealer Review
Alima Pure Cream Concealer, 2.5g, RRP £26

A bit like foundation, the struggle is real finding natural and organic concealers that work for my skin.

Alima Pure describe the Pure Cream Concealer as:

“A full-coverage cream concealer that gives you coverage right where you want it. The Alima Pure Cream Concealer can help minimise dark circles, balance redness, hide blemishes and hyperpigmentation. Available in ten shades that match the Liquid Silk Foundation for traceless coverage to enhance your skin-not hide it.”

I agree with all of that except for the match the foundation part. I’ll cut to the chase, this is a gorgeous concealer. The light balm texture melts into the skin, covering dark circles and blemishes seamlessly. I found this concealer was best applied with fingers. My under eye area, aside from holding cargo, can be prone to dryness. The Alima Pure cream concealer covered dark circles without accentuating any dryness and stayed where it was put without creasing. It’s swiftly become my favourite natural and organic concealer.

The majority of ingredients in the concealer are oils and botanical waxes including squalane, carnauba wax, avocado oil, beeswax and shea butter which explains why it’s so kind to the skin. Also I love that it’s refillable.

Alima Pure Cream Concealer swatches
Alima Pure Cream Concealer swatches

One thing to note is that the concealers, though they share the same name as the foundations are not exact colour matches to the foundations. See picture below. So depending on whether you’re using for the undereye area (I usually go a bit lighter) or for blemishes, choose your concealer colour accordingly.

Alima Pure Foundation and Concealer Review and Swatches
Alima Pure Liquid Silk Foundation and Cream Concealer Swatches


Alima Pure Lip Tint, 3.65g, RRP £14

Alima describe the Pure Lip Tint as:

“a natural, richly pigmented lip balm that’s good for your lips as it is for colour. These natural lip tints is formulated to give a sheer stain of colour with a single layer, and build to a deeper, more saturated shade with additional layers.”

I agree with all that. The Alima Pure Lip Tint is a refreshingly minty, hydrating balm that is pleasingly pigmented. ‘Daisy’ is a ridiculously pretty wash of colour that perks up the face and keeps lips soft in the blustery cold weather.  Heads up that the all natural ingredient list for this does includes carmine if that’s something you avoid.


Alima Pure Natural Definition Eye Pencil, 1.14g, RRP £14.50

Alima Pure Natural Definition Eye Pencil is described as “a long-lasting, highly pigmented, and blendable natural eye pencil”

I say ‘Indigo’ is a swoonworthy, deeply pigmented blue colour that glides across the eyelid with no dragging whatsoever. The pencil is full of nourishing oils including jojoba, meadowfoam, cottonseed and mango seed oil. They give the pencil a lovely creaminess that feels kind to the eyes and is super blendable. The downside to the creaminess is that the pencil needs constant sharpening and the colour is not particularly long lasting. It doesn’t smear but the colour just seems to melt in to the skin after a few hours. It’s not a big issue for me, I just reapply as necessary. This pencil is fabulous for doing an easy smokey eye and I’ve got my eye on ‘Merlot’ next.

Alima Pure Natural Eye Pencil Review and Swatches
Alima Pure Natural Definition Eye Pencil Swatches

All in all Alima Pure gets a big thumbs up from me, for the skin friendly products that are easy to use and give a naturally fabulous rather than flawless finish. They enhance not disguise.

If you’re following me on Instagram you’ll have seen me go from bare faced to the look below using all the Alima products. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing details of all the other products I used.

Alima Pure Face of The Day

Find Alima Pure at Content Beauty – Exclusive Reader Offer: Use code ‘WONDERLUSTING’ to save 10% valid until 21 November 2017.

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Disclaimer: Products provided for review purposes. It goes without saying that these are my honest thoughts. No affiliate links or commission earned, the discount code is sharing the love with my readers.

  1. Brilliant review and swatches! This brand has me intrigued for sure but would need to take a visit to Content Beauty to find my true shade. Thanks for sharing x

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