Make Some Noise: Stunning Shingai Signs Up As Face of Mizani

Shingai Shoniwa Noisettes

Following on from my recent post about Givenchy getting their celebrity “face” right with Simon Baker, another brand getting a gold star from me is L’Oreal owned Mizani. A few months ago the hair brand announced that it had signed the Noisette’s lead singer Shingai Shoniwas as their first celebrity ambassador and the new advertising campaign is about to kick off. Shingai is stunning, super stylish and always looks fierce with her hair a big part of her signature look. Doesn’t she look amazing?

Shingai Shoniwa Noisettes 1

Mizani senior product manager, Tumi Soyinka, said: “When we began the search for our celebrity ambassadress, there was no other female who came to mind as powerfully as she did. Shingai is an intelligent, beautiful, aspirational and strong, successful British woman who wholly embodies the ethos of our premium haircare brand, to which she is no stranger. 
“By Shingai representing MIZANI, she will exude our passion for fashion, our drive to aspire and connect with young women of colour all over the country and our desire to contribute to the progression and advancement of the market targeted at those with excessively curly hair textures. I can’t tell you how delighted I am about working with Shingai. She is a true star.”

Great choice and I agree with pretty much all of the above. I do however have an issue with is Mizani’s use of the term “excessively curly” to describe who their products are for. I’ve never heard the term “excessively straight” used by anybody so if we could just get rid of the excessive excessively we’re golden.

Shingai Shoniwa Noisettes 2

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