Sweet Tooth cocktail brownies (left-right: pina colada, mojito)

Cocktail Brownies At The Brownie Bar

I’m always on the lookout for something new and interesting to tickle my tastebuds so when I recently heard about cocktail brownies my ears pricked up. They are the creation of South London bakery, Sweet Tooth and can be found at the Brownie Bar, a stall that pops up every Saturday at various markets in London.

Here’s Maria from Sweet Tooth. She loves cocktails and loves brownies so was inspired to combine her two loves into one winning edible combination. Anything involving cocktails is an excellent idea in my book.

Sweet Tooth owner Maria
Sweet Tooth owner Maria

Sweet Tooth brownies

I tried the Mojito and Pina Colada flavours. There is also strawberry daiquiri available and she’s working on one with Sailor Jerry’s rum and ginger as well as tailor making other flavours on request. Before tucking in, I had been sure that I would prefer the Mojito one. Mint and chocolate is a tried and tested combination whereas pineapple I wasn’t so sure would work (I consider Hawaiian pizza a travesty). Turns out pineapple and coconut cream work a treat in brownie form.

Sweet Tooth cocktail brownies (left-right: pina colada, mojito)
L-R: Pina Colada brownie, Mojito brownie

For further information on where to indulge visit: www.indulgemysweettooth.com

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