Meringue Girls meringue selection

Move Over Macarons: Meringues Are The New Cupcakes!

Meringues are the new macarons don’t you know. Check out these pretty little things from Meringue Girls.

Meringue Girls meringue selection
Rainbow of meringue kisses
Meringue Girls meringue kisses jar
Jar full of Meringue Girls meringue kisses
coconut. pistachio and rosewater meringue kisses
L-R: coconut. pistachio and rosewater meringue kisses

The meringue kisses are a tasty moreish mouthful and come in a rainbow of colours/flavours including coconut, lemongrass and ginger, and gin and tonic. Gluten and dairy free they’re a sweet treat for those with certain food issues. I’ve seen them around at festivals and they are available in the food halls at Harvey Nichols and Selfridges. One puzzling thing is that the exact same meringues are much cheaper in Selfridges (£1 each at Harvey Nichols, 70p each at Selfridges). Enjoy!

Selfridges Meringue Girls
Meringue Girls at Selfridges

  1. The jar is just a display only jar in Harvey Nichols. It’s not available to buy. The jar itself isn’t associated with the product.

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