Ty Tys: Ties With A Stylish Africa Inspired Twist

Wonder if I am the first person who has been inspired to write a style post after watching The Book of Mormon?! Mormon missionaries definitely rock a distinctive street style that can be spotted a mile off with their precise partings, white short-sleeved shirts and dark ties. In Book of Mormon there is a style twist which made me think of a cool company I discovered at Africa Fashion Week London last year called Ty Tys. The Nigerian company produces hand-crafted neck-wear made from Aso-oke, a woven fabric traditionally worn at special occasions such as weddings, christenings and coronations.

Check out some of the dapper designs below and find more pics at Ty Tys facebook page:

It’s a shame you don’t see people wearing ties very often anymore. I used to have to wear a tie at a job I had during college and I rather miss it.

More information about Ty Tys: http://www.ty-tys.com

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