Beauty News: Bold & Beautiful CoverGirl Hunger Games Catching Fire Collection

To be honest CoverGirl is not a brand I normally pay any attention to. Packaging snob that I am, it has never looked particularly exciting to me. However I spotted this striking display in CVS, on my recent US trip, and did a double take.

CoverGirl Hunger Games Catching Fire display
CoverGirl Hunger Games Catching Fire display

CoverGirl has partnered with the Hunger Games on the latest release in the franchise, Catching Fire. It has worked on the makeup in the movie as well as launching a new collection featuring 12 looks inspired by the movie. This is hands down the most creative drug store collection I’ve seen. It’s the kind of looks you’d expect from a brand like Illamasqua.

The looks are stunning, bold and beautiful. I love that it’s not “natural” or “girl next door”. Love everything about it. It’s even made me want to see the film for the makeup and wardrobe alone. Shame it’s not available in the UK but you can see the full details and video tutorials for all the looks here: I particularly love the looks for districts 1, 4, 8 and 11. Which is your favourite look?

    1. Haha you are so in to blue. I want to give it a try – need to look at your pics to see what you did with eyes so it looks balanced.

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