Purple Nails Purple Nails: Cambric Purple, & Other Stories and WAH Nails

It’s no secret that I adore purple and Prince. I’ve already chronicled my pursuit of the perfect purple pout so when I got tickets to see Prince on his recent tour I knew it was going to be a purple makeup match made in heaven. We even got an email from Ticketmaster with a request from Prince to wear something purple! I was actually insulted – as if any true fan needs to be told tut.

As we all know for any special occasion the most important matter is getting your nails done so off I headed to WAH nails to get them did. Voila: purple nails purple nails with the Prince symbol!

Purple WAH Nails Prince
On a separate note, Prince should totally do a smokey eye and contouring makeup tutorial don’t you think?

The purple polish is Cambric Purple from & Other Stories. Nothing bad to say about this polish – I love the colour which reminds me of something a Cardinal would wear, the texture is fantastic, it applies without any headache and is long lasting.

Cambric Purple, & Other Stories Nail Polish
Cambric Purple, & Other Stories Nail Polish

Cambric Purple, & Other Stories Nail Polish, 9ml, £5 http://www.stories.com/gb/Beauty

Customised nail, £5.50 per nail, WAH Nails, Topshop, Oxford Circus London, http://www.wah-nails.com


The concert was amazing and I’m sure Prince could see my nails and appreciated them 😉

Anyone else go and see His Royal Purpleness?

  1. Luv the nails just saw the makeup TUBEs on Instagram lol. Lets see the makeup job you did. Enquiring minds wanna know :0)

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