Diana Ross, THE Style Boss: Peter Jensen

Diana Ross is THE ultimate diva in my eyes. I first really became aware of her when Chain Reaction came out, before that I just thought of her as Michael Jackson’s ‘aunty’.  Travesty I know. In any case I swiftly educated myself in the stunning stylish ways of Diana.

You can’t think of Diana Ross without thinking of the amazing looks she pulled. She continues to be a style icon to many.  Designer Peter Jensen has collaborated with artist Julie Verhoeven to create a Spring/Summer 2014 collection entirely inspired by Diana Ross.

Lip print inspired by Andy Warhol's album cover for Diana Ross Silk Electric
Lip print inspired by Andy Warhol’s album cover for Diana Ross Silk Electric
Peter Jensen sweatshirt, dress and skirt with illustrations of Diana Ross by Julie Verhoeven
Peter Jensen 'Diana' sweatshirt
Peter Jensen ‘Diana’ sweatshirt


To see the whole collection visit: http://peterjensen.co.uk/collections/diana/


Peter Jensen collection photography by Paul Bliss.

  1. I only saw Mahogany and Lady Sings the blues a few months ago! Talk about a travesty but I’m pleased that at least I saw them on the end. I always liked her and that she was amazing but seeing those I realize I didn’t have a clue just how amazing she is.
    I like this collection.

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