Solero mojito

Summer Snacks: Sorry Wall’s, Solero Mojito Ice Lolly Sucks

Solero mojito

Imagine my excitement when I spotted this ice lolly in the freezer cabinet of my local corner shop. Solero Mojito with rum (it’s only 0.5% mind). Yum! We’ve been basking in lovely summery weather so ice lolly and mojito – bingo!

Solero mojito is described by Wall’s as “Mojito flavour lemon lime water ice with rum and a mint flavour lemon lime core”

Solero mojito

I ripped off the wrapper with anticipation. The first few licks were great – a refreshing citrus zing with a tang of mint. Then I bite in……

Solero mojito

As you can see the interior looks nothing like the picture on the packaging. I was expecting a minty ice-cream core, much like the traditional Solero has a fruity ice-cream centre. Instead the centre is bits of completely unappetising lime and lemon peel gel-like mixture which you will mainly want to spit out in a ladylike fashion.

Solero mojito ingredients

Oh Walls this could have been sooooooooo good.  Hopefully there will be a new and vastly improved Solero Mojito 2.0.

Have you tried it? Did you like it more than I do?


I had a go at making a mojito ice lolly myself and it was way better if I say so myself. Find the recipe here

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