Natural Beauty: ‘Happy Nails’ Benecos Nail Polish

Previously I’ve found that natural beauty brands tend to offer rather boring ‘oatmeal’ polish nails colours that do nothing for me. The formulas have also left much to be desired. However the tide is certainly turning. A recent discovery at the Natural and Organic Products trade show was the Benecos range which seems to be a great more budget friendly option. My attention was grabbed by the vibrant colours in the new ‘Happy Nail’s’ collection (it looks like Benecos are down with my nail therapy!)

The Benecos nail polish formula claims to be more gentle on nails as it does not contain some of the harsher ingredients commonly found in nail polish. It is 5-free (no toluene, camphor, phthalates, formaldehyde and colophony) as well as being vegan-friendly. I’ve mentioned before that all nail polishes contain chemicals to make the colours stick to your finger nails so you will never find one that’s 100% natural.

I found that the Benecos polishes had a good consistency that applied smoothly. If applied carefully you could get away with one coat as the colour is so saturated. I was surprised at how quickly it dried too without a top coat. I usually use Seche Vite but decided to trial it without. Benecos recommend that you dry your nails by running under cold water. My nails were touch dry in about 15 minutes and after about 30 minutes I pressed my fingers against it and got away without marks – though I wouldn’t recommend this.

This was my first time wearing green coloured nail polish. I loved this emerald – truly a green beauty!

All in all I was impressed with the Benecos nail polishes – rich, pigmented colour, smooth application and quick drying.

Benecos nail polish, 9ml, RRP £6.95, 


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