Summer Spending Ban

Banned banner

There comes a point in every blogger’s life when the dreaded Spending Ban must occur.  For me that time is now.

I’m a terrible hoarder. If it wasn’t for fear of ending up on one of those documentaries I dread to think how much stuff I would have. I have been working hard on decluttering and have given away bags of clothes but now it’s time to tackle the beauty products. Makeup wise lipsticks are my weakness.

Selection of lip products
Small selection of lip products that I never/rarely use

Online shopping in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep has contributed to my skincare stockpile, not to mention Instagram is such an enabling force! Also because products I love seem to have a habit of getting discontinued, I tend to get backups of backups.

Fraction of skincare stash
Fraction of skincare stash
Yes QVC there is, so we can't be friends for a while
Yes QVC there is, so we can’t be friends for a while

The plan is not to buy anything new for 3 months starting from tomorrow 1 July 2014, which should make a dent in the overflowing stash.

So ‘fess up how bad is your stash? Are you on a spending ban at the moment? How’s it going?



  1. Oh my gosh – I really do need to follow your example…. BUT I CANT!!! I will be sending you support vibes and I will try not to put too much temptation on Instagram!

  2. I used to be every beauty counter’s dream customer! I would always buy something! And you are right, with the internet, temptation is much easier to give in to. My real obsession is with cookbooks though. And they take up soooo much space too. About 4 years ago I made myself stop buying them but still the collection grows as I always get gifted the tomes on my Amazon wish list and I also keep winning them too – in the past couple of months, I have won 3 of them!! Good luck with your “fast” – it gets easier as time goes on and when you see how much money you save hopefully that will help too.

    1. Wow you must have an epic collection of books. Do you use them or just gaze upon them? Thanks – I’m really hoping that it does.

    2. I do use them but there is a limit to how much one can cook! If you look at my “Cook the Books” tab – you will see a photo of about ⅓ of them on my shelves! I do love them though!

  3. Haha good luck! I haven’t done a ban in awhile, because as soon as I do I end up buying EVERYTHING lol. But I’ve been working on decreasing my spending and accumulation for awhile now and it’s going pretty well (except for those 3 Revlon lippies I just bought…oops). Good luck and I hope you are successful in your goal!

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