2015 Top 10 Skincare Lust List

Post spending-ban, I’ve remained quite good *pauses for pat on head* and have continued to try and use up what’s in my stash. However being a skincare junkie, there’s alway something new and innovative I’m lusting after.  Clean, high-quality natural ingredients, no nasty irritants, innovative oils and swoon worthy packaging are what pique my interest. Below are the ‘new-to-me’ ranges that are top of my 2015 skincare lust list:

AFRICOLOGY www.africologyspa.com Africology Africology is a South African spa brand with an extensive range made using organic ingredients and indigenous plants grown on their own farm. The spa treatments are inspired by traditional African healers’ knowledge and Reiki techniques. The company seems to have a strong commitment to fair-trade too which is always a good thing, not to mention the lovely apothecary-style packaging. The name is based on the study of Africa…..”ology”. I discovered the range through a pal who’d been on holiday to South Africa. Only downside is that Africology doesn’t seem to be retailed in the UK so it’s going to be a mission to get my hands on it.

AMALA www.amalabeauty.comAmala Beauty

LA BELLA FIGURA www.labellafigura.com La Bella Figura La Bella Figura is an ecoluxe American brand making handcrafted skincare, fragrances and more recently makeup products. The company uses the highest quality, unrefined and unprocessed raw ingredients from organic and sustainable sources. The star ingredient of the range is Barbary fig (prickly pear) seed oil which has super high levels of Vitamin E making it highly effective for combatting the signs of ageing. It’s hard to find an exact translation of the Italian phrase “La bella figura” but it’s about showing your best face to the world. A capsule collection has just launched at Content I had the pleasure of meeting Victoria, one of the founders, just before the New Year so watch out for more on La Bella Figura.

ONE LOVE ORGANICS oneloveorganics.com One Love Organics travel kit One Love (try not to start singing Bob Marley) Organics is an American ecofriendly skincare brand. The plant-based products are hand-made using high quality, ethically sourced raw ingredients with 1 per cent of annual net profits given to charity.  I keep reading about the pineapple scent (yum) of some of the products and I’m rather intrigued by their use of chia oil which I haven’t seen elsewhere.

SODASHI www.sodashi.com

Sodashi skincare kit

Sodashi is an Australian, natural skin care brand that combines aromatherapy, biochemistry and Ayurveda. You know I’m a sucker for miron glass protecting all the goodness so the chic packaging is a winner with me. The company name is a Sanskrit word that translates to ‘wholeness, purity and radiance’, which seem to be guiding principals. No synthetic chemicals, preservatives or fragrances are used in the products or anywhere during the manufacturing process. This is unquestionably at the luxiest end of ecoluxe with one of the products coming in at an eyewatering £400. All very covetable.

THE LITTLE ALCHEMIST www.thelittlealchemist.com.au

The Little Alchemist skincare kit

The Little Alchemist is an Australian, natural skincare and perfume company. Organic and natural ingredients meets cosmeceuticals in artisanal batch production with no chemical parabens, added fillers, artificial colours/ fragrances/ preservatives. The products are designed to nourish and feed the skin with concentrated amounts of active ingredients. If you follow me on instagram then you’ll know I adore fruit and veg so find the  names of the Little Alchemist products so mouthwatering. Papaya, rose, pineapple, cacao, apple, mint….serious Homer Simpson style drooling *pause to wipe drool off keyboard*. The Little Alchemist ship to the UK for $12 AUD

YÜLI www.yuliskincare.com


YÜLI is an American skincare brand that I’ve read nothing but raves about. The Cell Perfecto serum in particular seems to work wonders on scarring and hyperpigmentation.  High-grade natural and organic ingredients are used in high-tech innovative formulations using knowledge of traditional Asian remedies. Products are hand made, fresh in small batches and do not contain synthetic fragrances, parabens, phenoxyethanol, PEG’s, aluminum, nylon, sulfates, artificial colors, mineral oil, silicones, petrochemicals, sulfates, triclosan, GMOs, urea, PABA, and phthalates, non-food grade alcohol, formaldehyde, hydroquinone, benzoyl peroxide, DEA/TEA, propylene glycol. Minimalist design, dark glass and teat pipettes are ringing my bell.

I’ve just noticed that no British brands are featured in this list. I guess it’s because I have access to them so any desires can be quickly abated! What’s on your skincare lust list? Have you tried any of the ranges above?

  1. Drunken Elephant sounds right up my alley, with no essential oils (and cute name!). I am currently sampling the OLO Chia Oil and so far so good – I might pick up a full size. I’ve tried a deluxe sample of the Amala Rejuvenating Serum and it was pretty awesome…but maybe not at that price, which I also find a bit crippling. I’m ALSO a sucker for miron glass bottles, and any brand that uses them instantly gets cred with me (though it’s not the best way to assess a line’s effectiveness lol). Lastly, you already know of my love for Yüli – I truly hope you try this brand out soon! So worth it.

    My eco-beauty lust list is MASSIVE, but the most recent addition has been KYPRIS, which I just read about today – I desperately want to try their Moonlight Catalyst, an exfoliating serum.

    1. I could probably do a part II! Kypris was on the shortlist – 1,000 roses had me swooning plus I’ve been to Cyprus 20 times! Yuli is one I know I will def be ticking off.

  2. Gorgeous list! I went through a couple of these myself. Brad is great for exfoliating with their peels but they aren’t completely natural (use some iffy preservatives and ingredients). Sodashi Clay masks are so addicting! And YULI is so under the radar but I can see why everyone loves it, it’s just really special, I fell in love with the sprays and cleanser right when I opened it.

  3. My skincare regime + products is in an even worse state than my make-up. Thanks for this. Time to take better care of my skin, particularly in this weather. I’d only heard of Amala – where did all of these new brands come from?!

  4. I wish YULI come would to UK! I purchased their range along with many others when I was in NY a few months ago and something about their products stood out. The elixirs are so fresh smelling and it just made skin look and feel better that I never want to be without it. Their cleanser is one of the best products I’ve used, ever. Their oils are standouts and make my skin feel so soft and hydrated. I really need more of their line to come here!

    1. So do I! Every report I’ve read has been about how amazing it is. I’m desperate to try and the closest I’ve found is a German stockist but $ to £ prices

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