Amala Soothe collection

Skin Treat: The Amala Bespoke Facial at Content

Content Beauty exterior

After an awful experience many years ago (I’ll spare you the details but I still have ‘Nam like flashbacks of the therapist’s onion mixed with cigarette breath), I tend to be very wary of having facials. I have to really know and trust somewhere to place my face in their hands. And also know that they’re using the same kind of organic skincare that I use at home. One such place is Content – in fact the first facial I had in ten years was there!

content facial

For those who don’t know, Content in Marylebone is basically Green Beauty Heaven stocking the best curation of organic and natural lines available in the UK. It’s a small but perfectly formed place to explore with super helpful staff. If you missed the round-up of the masterclass I co-hosted there read more here. Downstairs underneath the beautique are rooms offering treatments and holistic consultations, all using organic products, naturally. Tata Harper, Pai

Last time I had a Dr Alkatis facial, once voted Best Facial by Wallpaper*. This time round I tried the 60-minute Amala Bespoke Facial*. There are also options using Pai and Tata Harper. Amala, which means “most pure” in Sanskrit, is a line I’ve had my eye on for a while, partly for shallow reasons due to the cork packaging which I love.

The range made my Skincare Lust List  but I haven’t got round to using yet so this was a good opportunity to get a feel of the range. The ecoluxe, German beauty brand is all about harnessing the natural beauty power of the highest quality, ethically sourced, organic plants for maximum therapeutic benefit. It seems to be very much a spa brand used in a number of the world’s leading spas and I believe Content is the only UK stockist.

Amala Soothe collection

The treatment started with a consultation with the therapist, Andrea, discussing any particular concerns. She then asked me to take my shoes and top off and popped out of the room whilst I changed. Why top off? Well part of the treatment includes a heavenly neck, shoulder and arm massage when the face mask is on.

The Bespoke Facial is obviously targetted to your own specific skin requirements at the time. The collections are based on skin needs rather than skin types as such. So there is ‘Rejuvenating’, ‘Soothing’, ‘Hydrating’ and ‘Brightening’ etc. My skin tends to be on the dry sensitive side and was in overall good condition, though I’d had a particularly stressful week which had left my skin feeling and looking rather dehydrated and in need of pampering. The following products were used:

  • Amala Hydrating Skin Cleanser
  • Amala Rejuvenating Toner
  • Amala Hydrating Face Polish
  • Amala Hydrating Yoghurt Mask
  • Amala Hydrating Face Cream

I can’t give a full opinion on Amala based on one use but I do know the products smelt divine with gorgeous textures. However no matter how good the products, therapists are a big part of the experience, and I appreciated Andrea’s calm and relaxing presence. I also liked that she asked about what products I was already using and didn’t try to push anything on to me.

At the end of my Amala facial, my skin was soothed and glowing. You won’t want to put anything else on your skin afterwards. I actually didn’t want to head out in to the filthy London air but I don’t think Content would appreciate me squatting! Do bear in mind these are treatment rooms not a spa so there is no chillaxing before or after.

Amala Bespoke Facial, 60 min, £80. For more info visit              (I would recommend you sign up for the Content newsletter and keep an eye on their social media feeds as there are occasionally special offers on facials.)

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