Nailing It: Soigne (5-free) Nail Polishes


I first spotted nail polish brand Soigné at the Pro Beauty trade show last year lured by the gorgeous packaging. I’ve finally got round to testing them to see if performance-wise they’re as good as they look.

Created in France and inspired by Parisian fashion, Soigné is a luxury nail brand with a mission to “take care of the nails” without compromising on ingredients or style.  The polishes are suitable for vegans, 5-free and made from up to 85% of ingredients sourced from plants including wood pulp, potato, wheat and cotton. You need ‘chemicals’ to make pigment stick to your nails so 100% natural polish will never be an option.

If you’re looking for Crayola or glitter shades then look elsewhere. What Soigné offers is one of the most exquisite, elegant shade ranges I’ve seen. Feminine, ladylike but not girly. There is a subtlety and sophistication to the palette that is a pleasure to behold. Think Farrow & Ball but un petit sexier. These would make lovely presents especially if you’re in Treat YoSelf mode.

Elegant packaging that could be perfume rather than polish

The Soigné 2016 Spring Collection

Soigné says that the Spring collections is:

“…three warm, easy-to-wear shades have been expertly designed to emulate the cosy essentials that you keep ”with you” during the transition from winter to spring. Think soft woolen blankets, cashmere sweaters and beautiful scarves, gloves that comfort and envelop you throughout the season.”

Soigne Botanique Nail Polish


Completely appropriate for the supposed summer we’ve had so far in London!

The polishes in this collection are all a creme formula though the texture is more than I’m used to they’re a breeze to apply. The brush shape is really well designed – polish goes neatly where you place it no splaying or spreading. Depending on the colour, you can get away with one layer though two coats gives fully opaque coverage. It dries surprisingly quickly – around five minutes – with a glossy finish. Without a top coat my nails stayed pristine for a couple of days, with a top coat, I get up to six days. Soigné is officially my new nail polish crush.

“Soigné” in French means to “to take care of” though in English, the word is used to mean  well groomed and chic. Whichever definition you choose, Soigné has nailed it.

Soigné nail polish, 10ml, RRP £11 for further information visit  They have great special offers so keep your eyes open. 

Soigné nail polish ingredients
Soigné nail polish ingredients
Disclaimer: Review samples were provided and I have since purchased more.

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