Wonderloving ~ Best Makeup 2016

Following on from my 2016 Best Skincare , here’s my pick of favourite makeup products I used last year. My makeup bag is mostly a mix of green beauty and makeup artist/’cult’ brands which is reflected in my list. These were the new products I loved using and reached for repeatedly.

Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in ‘Cobalt’ 

Cobalt Blue Pixi Endlessly Silky Pencil

Who knew 2016 would be the year I went crazy for blue eyeliner. I normally keep my pop of colour to my lips but last summer I fell in love with the Pixi Endless Silky cobalt blue eyeliner and wore it to death. Turns out that a swipe of bright blue perks up the face no end. This was just the exact perfect shade of bright blue – it reminded me of Majorelle Blue – if you’ve even been to Morocco you’ll know this colour. The eyeliner glided on like silk (well done on the name Pixi) with minimal smudging on my watery eyes. To avoid looking like an 80s throwback, I kept the blue to a sharp thin line and the rest of my face natural.

ILIA Silken Shadow Stick

ILIA Silken Shadow

Want an effortless, elegant eye makeup look in 30 seconds? Then the ILIA silken shadow sticks are your friend. I loved how easy to apply this sticks were and the selection of metallic, multidimensional shades that looked drop dead gorgeous on eyelids. Catchy pop song names too meant these were irresistible. You can read my review with swatches of all the colours here.

GOSH Forever Matte Eyeshadow in ‘Nougat’ 

GOSH Forever Matte Eyeshadow

I’ve been very late to join the eyeshadow stick trail considering they’re perfect for us lazy ladies where makeup is concerned. Danish brand GOSH is a longtime drugstore favourite for it’s high performing range which reminds me of NARS. I found myself reaching for this pencil in the shade ‘Nougat’ which worked perfectly on my eyelids worn on its own to even things out and also as a base for powder eyeshadows. These are true mattes which really don’t budge once set.

Vincent Longo Water Canvas Cremé-to-Powder Blush in ‘Terra Dew’

Vincent Longo Water Canvas Creme-to-Powder blush

Cult makeup artist brand Vincent Longo Cosmetics relaunched in the UK last autumn to much excitement. The products have a unique formula that I haven’t seen elsewhere and I’m amazed haven’t been copied in the 21 years the company has been going. Similar to the iconic foundation which has a unique solid mousse texture, the Vincent Longo Water Canvas Creme-to-Powder blush has a creamy, dreamy texture that feels light as chiffon cake. The microwater based formula is great on dry skin types as it applies like a cream and doesn’t look powdery on the skin at all, simply melting in for a ridiculously pretty flush. A little goes a long way.

Kiehl’s Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream SPF50 in ‘Deep’ 

Kiehl's BB cream review

The Kiehl’s Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream (what a mouthful) is the best BB cream I’ve tried. Maybe because Kiehl’s does skincare rather than makeup they’ve thrown all that knowledge in.  Despite the high SPF, it doesn’t make me look like Caspar the Ghost  and there is no greyness on the skin at all. The coverage is on the sheer side but enough to even skin tone for a My Skin But Better look with a dewy finish on my dry skin (oilier skin types might not get on so well with it).

Nude By Nature Touch of Glow Highlight Stick

Nude by Nature Touch of Glow Highlight stick swatches

Nude by Nature is a new natural makeup brand that I discovered in 2016.  The Australian company produces mineral makeup based products made with natural ingredients and without synthetics including talc, silicon, phthalates, parabens, sulphates and phenoxyethanol. The range as a whole reminds me a lot of a more natural version of Becca. The Touch of Glow Highlight sticks are gorgeous on the skin. They give a gently shimmery, natural highlight look without the StarTrek extra effect. The Rose and Bronze in particular were fab on my dark skin.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Bronzing Glow Liquid ~ As If It Were Summer Still

Rouge Bunny Rouge Bronzing Liquid review

I’m a longtime fan of the whimsical meets elegant glamour of Rouge Bunny Rouge. Across the board, their products look good and perform beautifully. ‘As If It Were Summer Still’ is designed to be a bronzer but on my darker skin it’s actually the perfect liquid highlighter. The colour is luminous yet natural gold with such finely milled shimmer that on the skin it’s almost imperceptible, just dancing in the light. This is not for those who like their highlighter to be seen from the Space Station. I use all over the face for a natural radiance or dotted on cheekbones for highlighting duty. It’s also great on the body.

Soigné Nail Polish 

Soigne Nail Polish

Soigné offer one of the most exquisite and elegant palettes of nail polish shades I’ve seen. Every single colour is just so on point with a little soupçon that elevates it beyond the ordinary. The polishes are suitable for vegans, 5-free and made from up to 85% of ingredients sourced from plants including wood pulp, potato, wheat and cotton. The clincher is that they actually perform with an easy to apply, long lasting and quick drying formula that made Soigné my favourite nail polish brand in 2016. You can read more about Soigné and see swatches here.


If you don’t know, I’m a lipstickaholic with an out of control  extensive collection.  Choosing which to include in this roundup was a Herculean task. To see swatches of how all these lipsticks look on, check out my #100lippydays💄 hashtag on Instagram.

LuvMinerals Luvlips

LuvLips organic lipstick

I’ve spoken about the challenges of finding inclusive natural and organic makeup before, so it’s always great to discover a brand with pigment that works on darker skin. LuvLips arrived in a cute as a button outer packaging and the lipsticks themselves turned out to be luv at first swipe. Fantastic colour payoff with an incredibly buttery texture that felt super comfortable on the lips. These were gorgeous lipsticks that will look good on all. Read my review and see swatches of the LuvLips range here.

Daniel Sandler Luxury Matte Lipstick

Daniel Sandler Luxury Matte lipstick

Makeup maestro Daniel Sandler is known for his watercolour liquid blushes but it’s his lipsticks that make me swoon. The luxury matte is bursting with pigment that glides on like silk, saturating lips with a rich, creamy finish. The shade ‘Valentina’ in particular is the most perfect raspberry colour your lips ever did meet.


ILIA tinted lip conditioners spf15

I’m an ILIAlipstickaholic but tend to be drawn to the bold, pigmented colours. When these launched I wasn’t dying to try them on. And then I did and fell head over heels. The colours are rather sheer but also buildable with a super buttery texture.  These ILIA Tinted Lip Conditioners are like the lipstick equivalent of fine French lingerie – glides on like silk, sheer, subtle, super flattering, and make you feel oh so kissable.


Purple Fusion, Dose of Colors

Purple Fusion swatch, Dose of Colors

I love purple lipstick though it doesn’t always love me back as much. It’s quite hard finding a purple with the right balance of red and blue for my skin tone. This super pigmented lipgloss, that had zero stickiness, from Dose of Colors was the perfect pop of purple. I know that other people prefer me in ‘prettier’ shades but I’m very partial to a statement lip. Sometime you need to go bold or go home!

Are any of these your favourites too? Looking forward to seeing what beauties 2017 has in store!




  1. I’m always on the search for good natural make up with reviews of how it works for darker skinned girls….so happy to have found your site!

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