#100LippyDays, 33 Days Down….67 to go!

I’m now a third of the way through #100LippyDays 2016! I started in June but then had a horrendous allergic reaction which meant I couldn’t wear any lip products or makeup on my lower face for about six weeks. Anyway I got over that tragic episode in my life 😉 and have got back on track.

33 days of lipstick

Here’s a quick round up of what I’ve worn so far and what your Top Five Faves have been (based on the most liked on Instagram). Interestingly all were natural and organic products, which shows how far green beauty has raised its game.

#1 Royal Lip Shine, RMS

This unusual lilac is one of my favourites too. The rms lip shine formula is fantastic, managing to be pigmented, easy to build up from sheer to opaque and very comfortable on the lips with no stickiness.

#2 Magic LuvLips, LuvMinerals 

LuvMinerals are a new to me organic makeup brand from the USA geared towards creating natural makeup suitable for darker skin tones. I’ve been trying a few of their lipsticks which I’ll report back on. This red lipstick applied like a dream so yes colour me impressed.

#3 Survivor, Nudus 

I’ve had Australian luxury lipstick brand Nudus on my lust list for a while. Thanks to a sample in a green beauty swap with Green Reverie and the fact  Nudus is now stocked in Europe at Reina Organics I was able to scratch that itch. This hot pink proved popular but my personal favourite colour is Dirty Diana 

#4 Fuchsia Pink, Lavera 

I’ve been aware of Lavera for a long time but had not actually tried any of their products until recently, what with being all shallow and not being drawn to the unsexy packaging. Anyway I got over that and I’m glad I did. This lipstick formula is gorgeous. Smells scrumptiously like cocoa butter, glides on, lasts ages and feels as comfortable as a balm on. I’ve just spotted that for Organic September, Lavera are offering 33% off lipsticks so do check them out.

#5 Pure Passion, Living Nature 

One of two new all natural red lipsticks from Living Nature. This deep, wine red, on me, is one that I can see being a big hit during the autumn and winter. The colour is buildable so a good one if a deep shade scares you a bit.

So 67 days to go…..Keep up with me over on Instagram and let me know your faves! @wonderlustinglynda 

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