Wonderlusting Lipstick Lust List: Bite, Lilah B, Nūdus, Rituel de Fille, Troi Ollivierre

How do I adore thee lipstick? Let me count the ways. Out of all the beauty products, nothing gets my heart racing like a new lipstick. I’m currently working through my collection with #100LippyDays but am I satisfied? Hell no. Here are the delectable lippies, that I am currently lusting after and WANT NOW.


Bite Beauty Watercolor Lip Gloss Library

Bite makes certified gluten-free lip products from food grade pigments. It used to be stocked in Selfridges but is no longer available in the UK sob sob sob. I don’t even like lipgloss that much but this 12-colour set is just the most beauteous thing. Look at all those dreamy colours (who in their right mind wouldn’t want yellow and mint lipgloss tell me) and a very purse friendly price too. Bite Beauty Watercolor Lipgloss Library, $49 over on Sephora.com (another company that abandoned us in the UK sob sob sob).


lilah beauty divine duo group
lilah b Divine Duos

lilahbeauty This gorgeously packaged natural beauty brand has just launched in the USA. lilah b state:

“We blend high-performance ingredients with nourishing elements from the earth and sea to create a complete collection of color. Our unique and innovative formulations offer healthier products with multiple benefits. Classic colors with sophisticated twists and luxurious textures allow you to achieve a finished look with fewer products.”

The formula sounds very lip loving but it is the pebble shaped packaging, unlike any other makeup I’ve seen, that has got my heart pitter pattering. My hands immediately reach out to the screen wanting to hold these lip and cheek creams. Lovely. lilah b Lip & Cheek Divine Duo, $46 lilahbeauty.com 


Nūdus lipsticks

Nūdus is an Australian brand that hand makes great looking lipsticks from certified organic ingredients. The ‘lip euphoria’ formula includes extracts made from flowers, fruits and herbs and natural pigments made according to Ayurvedic principles, which is a first for me. Apart from looking great the colours have been chosen to also have a therapeutic effect. Lipsticks that look good and do good. Nūdus lipstick, $42AUD nudus.com.au


Rituel de Fille is an American brand founded and formulated by three sisters with a background in celebrity makeup artistry. They state:

“Rituel de Fille is a new vision for beauty inspired by the magical side of natural ingredients, where pigment is elemental, ceremonial and powerful.” 

Well they’ve got me under their spell. I adore their vision, striking aesthetics and general vibe of worship your inner goddess-ness. All products are made with 99% natural ingredients and handcrafted using no parabens, phthlates, synthetic dyes or fragrances. I’m particularly smitten with the sound of the Forbidden semi-matte lipsticks promising intense colour and a velvety texture. The fuchsia ‘Against Nature’ has my name all over it! Rituel de Fille Forbidden Lipstick, $23 ritueldefille.com


Troi Ollivierre Beauty lipsticks

Troi Ollivierre is the makeup maestro responsible for that signature J.Crew look. You know the one – effortless chic, clean skin, a pop of bright lipstick. He’s recently launched Troi Ollivierre Beauty with an edited collection of six elegant looking matte lipsticks promising:

“a weightless formula that is highly pigmented with velvety texture, that doesn’t dry out. Our products are paraben free, cruelty free, and vegan.”

For matte lip lovers, sounds fabulous non? Unlike the rest of the lipsticks I’m lusting over, hurrah these are now available in the UK, exclusively at Sable Beauty so I shall be locking lips with them soon. Troi Ollivierre Beauty lipstick, £24 sablebeauty.com  (UPDATE: see review and swatches of George and Parker here

Have you tried any of the above? What beauty products are you currently lusting after?

  1. You really are the queen of lipstick my lovely! I have never attempted ‘the bold lip’ but recently, I’ve been drawn towards bright pinks and reds… Might do someday. All the ones you’ve features look absolutely gorgeous. The pebble-shaped ones would definitely tempt me!

    1. I might be a lipstickaholic haha. Both those colours would look fabulous with your colouring. Until about 2 years a go I never went bold so you never too late. I started wearing just around the house to get used to it before finally leaving the house and now I’ll wear any colour! x

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