Troi Ollivierre Matte Luxe Lipsticks

Lipstick Lust: Troi Ollivierre Matte Luxe Lipstick Review and Swatches

Troi Ollivierre
Troi Ollivierre

If you read my recent Lipstick Lust List then you’ll know that Troi Ollivierre is one of the new lipstick brands I was lusting after. When the line first launched in the USA, it sold out on pre-order before it had even gone on sale! Who am I not to believe the hype. Anyway, the drool worthy collection of lipsticks is now being stocked exclusively in the UK at Sable Beauty so I’ve been able to get my lips on them – yay!

Troi Ollivierre is the makeup maestro responsible for that signature J.Crew look. You know the one – effortless chic, fresh skin, a pop of bright lipstick. I’m a big fan of makeup artist lines as they know their stuff and are obsesive about the details (In recent years I’ve been bowled over by Charlotte Tilsbury and Troy Surratt) so I was hoping for more of the same from Troi Ollivierre. His eponymous line launched with an edited collection of six matte lipsticks, all with male names (out before Tom Ford’s Lips & Boys…), promising:

“a weightless formula that is highly pigmented with velvety texture, that doesn’t dry out. Our products are paraben free, cruelty free, and vegan.”

I am always in the mood for a bold matte lip so couldn’t wait to put these Troi Ollivierre Matte Luxe lipsticks* to the test.

First impressions?

Troi Ollivierre Matte Luxe Lipsticks
Troi Ollivierre Matte Luxe Lipsticks

I cooed. Packaging is a lady-like, pale blush pink box with an elegant Art-Deco look font.  I almost wanted to curtsey. I have a font theory….good products sometimes have bad fonts. Bad products never have good fonts. So on that basis alone I had high expectations of Troi Ollivierre 🙂 The lipstick bullet itself is in gold plastic packaging which feels rather light. It does click when the lid is closed.


Troi Ollivierre Matte Luxe lipstick swatches
Troi Ollivierre Matte Luxe lipstick swatches

This is just one swipe. Swoon. As you can see there is fantastic colour payoff and completely opaque coverage. On the lips, the Troi Ollivierre lipstick glides on and the colour is just as pigmented. What you see in the bullet is what you get. If you don’t want to go bold, just dab on gently with your finger for a stained look.

Formula-wise the Troi Ollivierre matte luxe lipstick feels very comfortable and light on the lips and doesn’t suck the life out of lips like mattes are prone to do. There is something slightly powdery about the texture though this doesn’t translate to any dryness on the lips. The formula isn’t particularly long-lasting, which doesn’t bother me as long-lasting usually equals raisin lips.   It wears off evenly so you’re left with a pretty stain which can be wiped off easily – not always the case with many pigmented lipsticks. The finish is velvet so matte but not flat. Like with all matte lipsticks, before applying, make sure your lips are moisturised and flake-free.

Troi Ollivierre lipstick ingredients
Troi Ollivierre Matte Luxe lipstick ingredients

I’ve worn them during #100LippyDays so here’s how they look on the face:


George is the signature J.Crew lipstick colour and is described as a red-orange. On my yellow undertoned skin it pulls more orange. Whilst blotting down the colour I dabbed a little on my cheek and discovered that this colour also makes a great blusher on dark skin!


Parker is described as a true red. To me and on my skin it pulls a teeny teeny smidgen raspberry. I don’t wear bright reds very often as I struggle to find a red that looks right to my eyes but this is one I loved as soon as I put it on.Celebs spotted wearing Parker include Jasmine Tookes, Claire Danes and Lena Durham so it seems to be one of those looks good on everyone reds.

In short these are fab matte lipsticks, Troi Ollivierre has delivered on his lipstick promises. I’m looking forward to seeing how the rest of the makeup line develops.

Troi Ollivierre Beauty In the UK, Troi Ollivierre Matte Luxe lipstick, £24 

  1. All your posts and Instagram pics about lippy have made me want to buy lipstick… although I am a gloss kind of girl normally In the past couple of weeks, I bought myself a Mac lipstick, and a Chanel one. I blame you!

    Love the shades of those, and beautiful packaging, too (I am a sucker for packaging). x

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