#100LippyDays June In Lipstick

Well one month down in my #100LippyDays challenge. Here’s a look at all the lipsticks I’ve worn (actually I realised after taking the picture that one is missing but life is too short to re-do lipstick rainbows)


I have my own personal favourites but I thought I’d share what seemed to be everyone else’s!


Murmurings, Succulence of Dew Sheer Lipstick, Rouge Bunny Rouge, €28 (approx £20)

This was the most liked. I hardly ever wear nudes as I find most to be deeply unflattering and make me look like a corpse. This was the first nude lipstick I’ve tried in a while that I actually liked.

Tulip Red, 20100 Lipstick Pencil, Lord & Berry, £10

I loved this colour and formula

Relish of Heaven, Succelence of Dew Sheer Lipstick, Rouge Bunny Rouge, €28 (approx £20)

Such a juicy summery colour. I love the formulas

SV01 Enamored, Simply Vamp Lip Cream, NYX

I love this deep bronzey colour – it has a vintage 80s look that I’m feeling.

In July I’ll be focusing on the more natural and organic lipsticks in my collection.

Natural and organic lipsticks
Natural and organic lipsticks

You can see what I’m wearing by checking out  the #100LippyDays hashtag on Instagram.

  1. Incredible, a month gone already! Great post especially like the concept of summarising favourites. I’m sure you’ve been told this but your lips are perfect and display the products beautifully.
    I really can’t emulate that. My phone and tablet cameras are crap and my mouth is off kilter so don’t quite line up! (It’s amazing what you discover when you closely examine features). Anywho, rather than bring embarrassment to your challenge and my credibility I shall continue to follow admiringly 😊 Well done!

    1. I am slightly panicking thinking I’ve got another 2 months to go!

      You’re so sweet – growing up I shied away from lipsticks trying not to draw any attention. Whether you do the challenge or not, rock your lipstick – you have lovely lips – only plastic dolls are perfectly in line and you don’t want to be one of those!

  2. I agree that I prefer matte reds, but every so often I’ll wear a glossy red and they’re kind of perfect for summer! I absolutely ADORE Relish of Heaven on you!!

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