#100LippyDays The Return

I’ll be shopping my stash for the next 100 days

Remember last year I created the #100LippyDays challenge wearing a different lipstick every single day for 100 days!  Inspired by 100 Happy Days my aim was to shop my stash (yes I have a gazillion lipsticks – please don’t call Hoarders on me) and use the beautiful things I have every day rather than storing them away for a special occasion.

I’ve fallen back in to the habit of neglecting the majority of my collection, using the same few lippies repeatedly. Remembering how much fun it was I’ve decided to do #100LIppyDays all over again. As before ’m going to work my way through my current lip collection using a different lip product every day. I’ll be dedicating the month of July to “green beauty” lippies. Any that I don’t like or don’t suit me will be thrown away or donated. Use it or lose it baby!

Feel free to join me on the challenge and tag your pictures/posts with #100LippyDays. It’s not about a specific number but more the principle of using, appreciating and loving what you have, whether you have three lipsticks or three hundred. I’ll be doing a weekly round-up and sharing a daily picture on Instagram: @wonderlustinglynda

Which kind of beauty products do you OD on?

Here’s to another 100 Days of Lippiness!

  1. Excited for #100LippyDays2015 I was very surprised to find that I dont own 100 lippies… but I am pretty good at passing shades I am not a fan of to friends and family.

  2. I love the sound of this! I have a bad habit of wearing the same shade for weeks at a time, then putting it aside never to return to again. And then I go out an buy a new one of a similar shade. Silly me. I am going to give this a go! x

    1. I was EXACTLY the same! When you make yourself use everything you rediscover colours you love and it’s like you’ve been shopping all over again! x

  3. What a brilliant idea! I’ve only just joined instagram and this, combined with my love of makeup is just the motivation I need to help develop my social media skills. Thanks hun☺

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