Love At First Swipe: Best Lippies for Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day is all about showing love. I love lipstick therefore I thought I would show some. I’ve delved through my lipstick collection to pick out the best (named) for Valentine’s Day. All keep your lips in perfect smooching condition and are subtle enough (mostly) to please your lover if they don’t always appreciate the bold colours you prefer.

Here’s my selection of the best lipsticks and lipglosses for the perfect pout on Valentine’s Day:


VALENTINA, Daniel Sandler


Roses are red and all, but red is generally not my lipstick colour of choice for romance. I find it high maintenance and very un-kissfriendly. However very rule has an exception non? Valentina makes me swoon.  This rich, creamy colour glides on like silk, saturating lips with a rich, creamy finish and is the most perfect shade of red for me – raspberry with a soupçon of fuchsia. I can wear this colour with nothing else on and it looks right. Find it here



I don’t do pink. Make that I didn’t until Love Buzz walked in to my lip life. It’s a cool-toned, pigmented pink that manages to be flattering and not make me look like a Barbie wannabe. The featherlight, hydrating, non-sticky texture and organic ingredients means it passes the kissability test with flying colours. If anyone was going to make me like a pink lip, of course it would be ILIA. Find UK stockists here

EROS, Vapour Organic Beauty


I’ve fallen for Vapour bigtime. Sustainably sourced, organic ingredients in beautiful, effective formulations that are light as air. What’s not to love? Multiuse products are generally really single use as they do one thing better than the other. Vapour knock it out of the park with their aura multiuse sticks which are the best I’ve used by any brand. Eros, is a warm nude that effortlessly blends like a dream and is a great on the lips and the cheeks.



Kjaer Weis is pure packaging porn. Passionate is described as a berry colour but to my eye is more of a muted coral in the flesh. I ordered it online and when it arrived I was a little disappointed at the colour. But then I put it on my lips and felt the passion! On my dark skin, it’s an absolutely gorgeous My Lips But Better Way Better colour. The Kjaer Weis lip tint applies like a balm but is surprisingly pigmented and made from natural and organic ingredients. In the UK find it here

PERFUME OF HIS GAZE, Rouge Bunny Rouge


Rouge Bunny Rouge is an enchanting makeup range full of whimsy, elegance and playful femininity with a Gothic edge.  Last year, I was smitten with their Succulence of Dew , a poetically named sheer lipstick collection that leaves lips looking succulent indeed. Perfume of His Gaze is a greige-toned taupe that reminds me of French silk lingerie. Find it here.

What are your go-to Valentine’s lipsticks?
Wishing you a happy Valentine’s/Galentine’s!

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