#100LippyDays 100 Days Of Lippiness!

I feel really fortunate that I do now (it took a while) appreciate the little things in life. I generally can find something to be happy about most days, even if it’s just managing to get my tights on the right way round first time (high 5s all round).  I therefore think the 100 Happy Days movement asking people to find a happy moment each day for a 100 days is a brilliant idea.

As you know I’ve just started a summer spending ban on beauty products as I don’t use a fraction of what I own. I tend to buy things then store them away and not use them. Especially lipstick. Like a magpie I am drawn to those beautiful bullets of colour but instead of using just hoard. I have a gazillion lip products but only seem to use the same three or four repeatedly. All those poor lipsticks and lip glosses that I’ve been cruelly neglecting. So I’ve decided to do something about it by launching #100Lippy Days forcing me to shop my stash!

Part of my lipstick stash
Part of my lipstick stash

I’m going to work my way through my current lip collection using a different lip product every day for 100 days. Any products that I don’t like or don’t suit me, will depending on condition, be thrown away/donated. It will help me appreciate what I already have. Use or lose it baby! I also have horrendous hay fever and often can’t wear eye makeup during the summer. Every cloud has a silver lining though as it means I can experiment with rocking a bold lip!

Do you use everything in your stash?

It’s not about a specific number but more the principle of using, appreciating and loving what you have, whether you have three lipsticks or three hundred. More and more I only want to have things around me that I love. I’ll be doing a weekly round-up here and sharing a daily #100LippyDay pic at the links below:

Instagram: @wonderlustinglynda

Facebook: wonderlusting

Pinterest: w0nderlusting

If you just care about the lippy with nothing on the side:

100LippyDays Instagram 

I would love for you to join me on the challenge so feel free to tag your pics and posts with #100lippydays.

Here’s to 100 Days of Lippiness!



  1. Good idea! I went through a lipstick phase and it was all I bought! Now they’re somewhat neglected ): Might have to show them some more love again. xx

    1. Haha same here! Sounds like a good way of discovering old favourites. x

  2. This is such a good idea, I’m terrible for storing makeup when I get it any never using it. I’ve so many eyeshadows that I could’ even tell you the last time I used them or if I even have. I’m not so bad with lipsticks & glosses but there are a few that seem to be commonly used over the many others I have.

    Belle x Part of Belle’s world

  3. Love this! I just might have to do the same! I’m getting overwhelmed with the amount of products I have that go unused (or at least not used enough). Awesome idea, Lynda! Go you!

  4. I dont’ have a large stash but you are right, I don’t use all of it as I’m indoors a lot. When I do go out I don’t always feel like makeup for perfume because my hair creams and body cream are fragrant enough for me. I like this idea :0) Happy summer

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