Will you brie mine? Paperchase does Valentine’s

I’ve been getting it on with Paperchase again recently.  It was my first stationery shop love but then we drifted apart and didn’t speak for years. Anyway we’ve recently rekindled the stationery affair. I popped in to check out their Valentine’s offering and thought there was a pretty cute selection. Especially if like me you don’t do roses and are partial to a food-based pun….. It takes two to … Continue reading Will you brie mine? Paperchase does Valentine’s

The Write Stuff: Esme Winter

I love stationery and I love patterny prints so it was lust at first sight when I spotted these cards and notebooks by London-based design company Esme Winter. The team seem very particular about creating a quality product and work with British craftsmen using recycled and responsibly sourced materials. They say this about themselves: “Together with Richard Sanderson, Esme Winter produces items that reflect the innate … Continue reading The Write Stuff: Esme Winter

Midori zipper envelope

You’ve Got (Hand-Written) Mail?

The last telegram was sent last weekend in India which despite the fact that I have never actually sent, received or seen a “real life” telegram has made me extremely nostalgic for  the old ways of communication. I can’t remember when I last wrote a non-business related, hand-written letter or received one – we’re talking years. Snail mail now means bills and junk. Before hand letter … Continue reading You’ve Got (Hand-Written) Mail?