The Write Stuff: Handmade Peacock Embroidered Notebook

Even though it’s been many many many many years since I left school, I still get that ‘back to school’ new stationery craving in September. Well that’s a bit of a porkie pie, my paper lust means I have cravings year-round. The latest object of my affections is this beautiful, peacock patterned notebook, hand embroidered in India.


It’s a sight to behold. The cover is screen printed with floral mendhi-like patterns in my favourite shades of blues and aquamarine, then embellished with metallic thread embroidery with pops of neon.

Galison Peacock journal

Galison peacock journal front cover

Galison peacock journal back cover

The inside covers are a dreamy sky blue and the notebook has 120 pages of lined, recycled cotton paper. I prefer unlined paper but hey you can’t have everything. Size-wise it’s between A5 and A4 size (18cm by 25 cm to be exact). The cover is quite delicate so this is not a notebook for lugging around in my everything-but-the-kitchen-skin bag or using for ‘to do’ lists. No this is for writing down my joys, hopes and dreams.


If you’re one of those sickeningly organised, selfless people, put this on your Christmas shopping list pronto – you must know someone who will love this as much as I do.

Peacock Handmade Embroidered Journal, RRP £11.99, for stockists see Abrams & Chronicle Books

    1. Hi I’m just looking at this journal. Did you try with a fountain pen on the paper?
      If you do, please share your experience! Depends on how it went, it will change my decision.

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