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Wonderlusting Eats At The TravelSupermarket International Street Food Challenge

I love food. I love travel. I love travelling for food. I love fooding when I travel. You get the idea. When I can’t jet away I’m lucky in cosmopolitan London to be able to tuck in to authentic flavours from around the world. My belly and I recently headed over to the inaugural TravelSupermarket International Street Food Challenge to discover six street food stalls battling it out for our vote of the best street food dish.

Travelsupermarket International Street Food Challenge

The Travel Supermarket International Street Food Challenge contenders:

  • Copper and Wheat, France: duck fat fries and croque monsieurs (based in Copenhagen but flew to London specially)
  • Kothu Kothu, Sri Lanka: kothu roti noodle-like dish made from sliced up roti (flat bread) stir-fried with vegetables and curry 
  • La Tua Pasta, Italy: fresh hand-made tortellini filled with pumpkin, spinach or wild boar 
  • The Orange Buffalo, USA:  American style chicken buffalo wings with blue cheese dip
  • Spanish Lab, Spain: chicken and chorizo paella  
  • Vinn Goute, Seychelles: octopus curry, lentil balls and snapper bites
Travelsupermarket International Street Food Challenge dishes
Travelsupermarket International Street Food Challenge dishes

Vinn Goute, Seychelles

I’ve never had Seychellois (yes I had to Google that) cuisine or eaten octopus curry before so this was tastebud bungee jumping. As a tropical island, seafood, spices and coconuts feature heavily. This was my favourite dish – deliciously spicy aromatic curry with tender octopus.


Vinn Goute dishing up some octopus curry
Vinn Goute octopus curry with lentil ball and snapper bite
Vinn Goute octopus curry with lentil ball and snapper bite

Spanish Lab, Spain

I only eat seafood so passed on this but it sure looked good.

Spanish Lab paella
Spanish Lab paella


La Tua Pasta, Italy

You really can’t go wrong with Italian food can you. Fresh, flavourful hand-made pasta filled with pumpkin, spinach and ricotta or wild boar.

La Tua Pasta tortellini
La Tua Pasta fresh hand-made tortellini stuffed with pumpkin, spinach or wild boar

Kothu Kothu, Sri Lanka

I’m a big fan of Sri Lankan food. Lots of coconut and fiery spice is a winning combination for me. Their Kothu Roti was the winning dish. They say:

“Found on almost every street corner in Colombo, it’s famous not only for its taste but also for its unique and theatrical preparation. Traditionally cooked on a heated iron sheet, the cutting and mixing of the ingredients is done using two blunt metal blades. This quick and repeated striking of metal blades on the hot metal griddle creates a very distinct sound and is often done to the beat of music. Combining the knowledge of old family recipes we’ve created an authentic blend of Sri Lankan spices for you to try and enjoy!”

Kothu Kothu
Kothu Kothu

Kothu Kothu means “chop chop”. From this video you can see why!


Seychelles and Sri Lanka are now on my travel (and food) wonderlust eats list.

What’s your favourite street food?

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