Hyalomiel, Feret Parfumeur

French Cult Handcream Hyalomiel Launches In UK

There is something about a cult French beauty brand. They just have that Je Ne Sais Quoi.  When I’m not being all natural and organic with my skincare you’ll mostly find me in a tête-à-tête with a French brand. They seem to understand sensitive skin and everything feels like a beauty secret handed down the generations.

The latest French beauty fancy to hit our shores is Hyalomiel from Féret Parfumeur, exclusively available at boutique perfume emporium BloomPreviously you’d have had to hop over to France to get your mitts on this hand cream so merci Bloom.

If you’re looking for a feather light handcream that does the job, smells divine, with bonus points for cute packaging, step this way.

Hyalomiel, Feret Parfumeur
Hyalomiel, Feret Parfumeur

Housed in a yellow vintage-style tube, Hyalomiel (could that font be more French) has been manufactured for nearly 150 years in France by the Féret family, who have refreshed the brand but stuck to the original formula. It’s a hand cream but not as you know it. The texture is unlike anything I’ve ever used. To be accurate it’s not a cream it’s a clear gel, it reminds me a little of Bonjela.

Though not all-natural ingredients-wise, the star of the show is organic honey from the garrigue in South East France. Garrigue is a type of Mediterranean scrubland full of wildflowers and herbs leading to the bees making a particularly aromatic honey. Honey has antibacterial and humectant properties, helping to keep skin moisturised and soft.

Hyalomiel gel

The gel is absorbed almost immediately leaving hands moisturised yet with a dry velvet finish. No stickiness whatsoever so ideal for warm weather or to pack in your travel bag. In the winter I would prefer something that feels richer.

The scent is like a mix of delicate, lady-like powdery rose and honeysuckle. It lingers for a little while then spirits away. It’s like something you would dab on with a marabou feather powder puff at your dressing table in your boudoir. Trés bon.

Hyalomiel ingredients
Hyalomiel ingredients

Hyalomiel by Féret Parfumeur, 50ml, £9.50. Find it here: www.bloomperfume.co.uk

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