Beautfort London Discovery Set

Beaufort London Come Hell or High Water Discovery Set

The most intriguing fragrance range I feel hard for this year is Beaufort London. The British, niche perfume house was founded last year by musician, Leo Crabtree. Named after the Beaufort scale that measures wind speed, these are tempestuous fragrances with heft inspired by his seafaring family and nautical history. These perfumes are in the intense zone that you will either love/be obsessed with or hate, there is no middle ground. I’ll be sharing more in the New Year.

In the meantime, Beaufort have just launched the most handsome discovery set I’ve ever seen.


The fragraces are made from a mixture of natural ingredients and synthetics. See below for fragrance descriptions from Beaufort :


Beaufort London discovery set
Beaufort London Come Hell or High Water Set in Leather Roll
  • 1805: Tonnerre – the scent imagines moments within the Battle of Trafalgar.  Powerful accords of smoke, gunpowder, Blood and Brandy combine with sea spray and a penetrating citrus note. 
  • Coeur De Noir – Pen and ink drawings of yachts, old libraries of nautical fiction and tattoos are all referenced here in this warm, dark fragrance. Accords of Black Ink, west Indian spiced rum, papers lost and found with warm enigmatic notes of vanilla pipe tobacco.
  • Vi Et Armis – Exploring Britain’s complex relationships with other nations and its dominance of international sea trade across the centuries. This addictive fragrance recalls the words of George Bernard Shaw: “Emotional excitement reaches men through Tea, Tobacco, Opium, Whisky and religion”
  • Lignum Vitae – Inspired by the innovative use of materials that allowed 18th Century clockmakers to construct the first accurate marine chronometers. Lignum Vitae combines elements of wood, metal and salt to produce a truly unique, transportive fragrance 
  • Fathom V – Broadly taking its inspiration from The Tempest, the chief theme of ‘Fathom V’ is a phrase gleaned from “Ariel’s Song” within the play.The changing state of the sea is explored through contradictory raw materials in ‘overdosed’ concentrations: Salt meets earth, sparkling herbals blend with dark mosses, bright floral notes meet intense dark spices and pepper.


The handmade, set includes five 7.5ml re-fillable glass vials of each of the perfumes in the ‘Come Hell or High Water’ collection, housed in an oil tanned leather roll. It would make the most fabulous gift for  swashbuckling gents or gals who are up for a fragrant adventure.

Beaufort London Come Hell or High Water Discovery Set, £85 


  1. I so want this! I adore Beaufort’s scents especially Coeur de Noir (which was the first I tried) also love Fathom V and Lignum Vitae.

    1. Me too! I might treat myself in the New Year if I keep up a resolution. I was obsessed with the smokiness of 1805 for a while. Love those two too. I haven’t smelt CdN yet but sure it will blow my socks off.

  2. I liked this set, but it was out of stock. When it came back in stock they’d changed the look; the Beaufort name was gone, replaced by a key logo. The vials and the look of the leather had changed too. All the changes left me rather uninspired, so I bought something else instead.

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