Tres Pure Face Cleanse

Natural Beauty: Tres Pure Face Cleanse Review

Tres Pure skincareTrès Pure is a natural skincare range I discovered last year. Created by a Londoner, now living in the USA, all products are formulated with ingredients that have not been chemically processed and do not contain parabens, petrochemicals and sulphates. Très Pure skin say they offer:

“An all natural treatment line delivering an anti-ageing beauty regimen specifically designed to work in synergy with the skin. When the products are applied, their natural nutrients interact with your skin to promote hydration, softness, radiance and instant vitality to your skin.”

Hydration, softness, radiance, vitality? Yes please! The ingredient list and philosophy of Tres Pure using natural unprocessed ingredients with minimal irritants ticks all my boxes. My raging cleansaholic tendencies meant that the Face Cleanse was the first item to make its way to my cleanser lust list and subsequently get ticked off.

TRES PURE FACE CLEANSE REVIEW Tres Pure Face Cleanse What Tres Pure Say:

“A gentle water activated cleansing powder which thoroughly removes impurities and make-up without damaging the skin’s protective lipid barrier. It is formulated with skin compatible elements which traps dirt, preventing the skin from feeling dry and tight after cleansing. Fennel soothes and clarifies the skin, leaving it feeling soft, hydrated and refreshed. The Face Cleanse restores the skin’s suppleness and provides a soft, healthy and radiant appearance from the very first application.”


I like the minimalist labelled glass bottle. You can immediately see how much product is left in the bottle and I’m intrigued by the  sand-like powder. Tres Pure Face Cleanse To use Face Cleanse, you mix the powder with water into a paste before applying to damp face. Tres Pure Face Cleanse The texture is like wet sand. Tres Pure states that it can be used for removing makeup but the gritty sensation was not pleasant and I had to be very careful that I didn’t get it anywhere near my eyes. My skin did not feel tight after use but it did not feel clean either – my number one requirement from a cleanser! I had to use another cleanser afterwards. The instructions state to use twice a day but if I did it would have left my skin red and raw. The first three ingredients (full list below) – rice powder, adzuki powder, bamboo powder – are all commonly used as exfoliants so quite surprising that this is a daily cleanser. I ended up using this as a weekly exfoliator.

I had high hopes for this product but for me sadly it was a dud. Face Cleanse sounded wonderful in theory. I love the concept of a travel friendly, natural powder cleanser. However in reality it was the worst cleanser I’ve used in the past year. I have dry and sensitive skin and it might be that Face Cleanse is better suited to oily and congested skin. However there is nothing in the product description to indicate that, as it states that it is suitable for all skin types. You win some you lose some.
Tres Pure Face Cleanse, 85g, $50 (I bought a mini size which seems to no longer be available. Tres Pure now offer a sample service with 3 samples for $12.)

Tres Pure Face Cleanse Ingredients: Oryza Sativa (Rice) Powder, Phaseolus Angularis (Adzuki) Powder, Bambusa Vulgaris (Banslochan) Powder, Foeniculum Vulgare (Fennel) Seed Powder, Rosa Damascena (Rose) Petal Powder, Santalum Album (Sandalwood) Wood Powder.

  1. I was intrigued and the ingredients look good. You’re right it’s probably not suitable for sensitive skin or maybe used as a weekly exfoliant.

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