Wonderloving ~ 2016 Best Skincare and Body Products

Without further ado, here’s my roundup of the best skincare products I used in 2016. The criteria to feel the Wonderloving and make this list was pretty simple – it had to be a product I had loved using and felt had made a tangible difference in my skincare routine. As per usual with my skincare, 99% of the products are made from natural and organic ingredients.


2016 Best Cleansers


  • Pinks Boutique Anti Ageing Deep Cleansing Melt: a divine smelling luxury balm cleanser that is a proper treat for the skin. It is the only balm cleanser I’ve used that washes off with no cloth required. Read my detailed review here. 
  • Terre Verdi GoodOils Cleansing Oil: this cleansing oil was a pleasure to use. A silky texture that glided over the skin making it great for face massage and no irritating essential oils to make my eyes sting. There’s a review of this coming up.
  • RAZ Spa Cleansing Mask: I’ve been obsessed with finding a dry cleansing powder but frankly all I’ve tried have been useless. Until now. It’s an age old recipe like something Cleopatra would have used based on rhassoul. I’m amazed by how well this cleans. Danish line RAZ Spa was the most interesting skincare range I discovered last year so stay tuned for a closer look and review of this product.
  • Herbfarmacy Mallow Beauty Balm: this is like the swiss-army knife of balms. It’s one of the few balms that sinks in to the skin not leaving a waxy film so it works as a cleanser, moisturiser, mask and balm. The yellow colour from the calendula is cheering too. Read more about visiting Herbfarmacy HQ here.

FAVOURITE SERUMS2016 Best Green Beauty

  • Sodashi Samadara Ultimate Age-Defying Elixir: a heavenly oil serum that makes me happily sigh just thinking about it. It was a joy to use from the first sniff to waking up in the morning with radiant skin. The bottle contains rose quartz crystals which are meant to “enliven” the formula – I don’t know much about crystals but it really does seem to do something. Using it was like writing a love letter to my skin. There’s a detailed review coming up, in the meantime read more about Sodashi here.
  • Zelens Power D Treatment Drops: before using this aside from knowing that we don’t get enough of it, I wasn’t actually sure what Vitamin D does for the skin. Wonders it seems. The short version is that it boosts the skin’s immune system and strenghtens the skin barrier. For me this meant my reactive skin was less tetchy, seemed to take the change in seasons in its stride, and stayed looking healthy at a time when dullness can set in. Read more about Zelens here. 


  • Evolve Radiant Glow Organic Face Mask: this is the most chocolicious skin smoothing mask ever. It’s like smearing chocolate pudding on your face – it’s hard not to lick. When washed off skin is glowing and soft like silk. Read my review here.
  • BEING Calma Terra French Pink Complexion ClayI’ve always stayed clear from clay masks as I found them too drying for my skin. Turns out I just need to think pink. Pink clay is gentler  and this mask includes Moroccan rhassoul clay as well as rosehip fruit powder which made it nourishing and soothing. It smelled mouthwatering too thanks to the rosehip fruit. 

2016 Best Green Beauty


  • Charlotte’s Magic Cream  SPF15 : This is the first non-natural moisturiser I’ve used in eons as most irritate my skin. After hearing numerous people rave about this cream I succumbed. With an ingredient called BioNymph how could I resist. Magic? Not quite but it’s the first moisturiser I’ve looked forward to applying. The rosewater scented cream soothed and moisturised my dry winter battered skin yet wasn’t heavy, sunk in quickly and  left it soft, plumped, glowing beautifully as well as being a great primer under makeup. Though a lovely product and I give credit where it’s due, it’s the only item on the list I wouldn’t buy again as I found a great natural alternative which performed as well. 
  • Dr Jackson 01 Day Cream SPF20: moisturisers rarely make my heart sing but this year this was the second one to do so. Super nourishing with kigelia, baobab and marula oils yet a light texture that was quickly absorbed without any greasiness and just made my skin feel like silk and look all round better.


2016 best lip products

  • Henné Rose Diamonds Lip Exfoliator and Henné Luxury Lip Balm: this liptastic duo are the ultimate in lip pampering. The fabulous lip scrub is such a pleasingly pink, rose scented delight and the balm works as good as it smells (think mouthwatering Bounty bar).  Read my review here.
  • Living Naturally Cardamom & Lavender Lip Balm: I have a silly number of lip balms on the go at any one time yet I kept reaching for this one. The gorgeous rich colour is from healing Calendula, it smelt scrumptious and kept my lips soft without repeatedly having to re-apply.
  • Twelve Beauty Hylaruoil Lip Treatment: lip oils had quite a moment in 2016. This was the best of the bunch as it felt like it was properly nourishing lips not just sitting on the surface and the rollerball packaging reduced the double dipping factor of sponge applicators. During my allergic episode when I couldn’t wear lipstick and my lips needed all the help they could get, this is worked as an uber pampering lipgloss with benefits. Read more about Twelve Beauty here.


2016 Best Body Products

  • Bodhi & Birch Ylang Ylang Incensa Bath and Shower Therapy : Mint Thé shower gel was the first Bodhi & Birch product I bought and it’s been a longtime favourite. Elijah Choo, founder of Bodhi & Birch, is quite the master of body product fragrancing. This had an intoxicating smokiness that made me want to sing “I can’t get you out of my head”.
  • Saach Organics Green Tea and Aloe Vera Shower Gel: this brand and product was a new discovery thanks to a Green Beauty Swap with lovely Sandra of Beauty Balm. The Ayurveda inspired formula didn’t strip the skin and had such a lovely fresh scent that lifted my spirit each morning when I used it.
  • Mahogany Naturals Bletchley Park Body Scrub: there are now coffee scrubs coming out of our ears but this was the best one I used last year. It’s made from coffee powder rather than grounds so it dissolved with water, leaving skin soft, smooth and not needing moisturiser.
  • Rahua Shampoo : I feel truly, madly and deeply in love with palo santo after smelling this – i’ve been told that’s it’s a very love/hate thing. Made with all natural ingredient ethically sourced from the Amazon, this leaves my dry hair soft and clean without stripping it. And lord the smell is insanely good. 



  • Francis Kurdijan A La Rose Eau de Parfum : I’ve mentioned before how I adore (nearly) all things rose  well this my friends is one of the most gorgeously  rose scents I’ve smelt. A mix of synthetic and natural ingrediendts, each 70ml bottle contains the extract of up to 400 roses. This is rose to the max in a very fresh, elegant, pretty way that somehow also manages to be rounded thanks to some woody notes. One of the few perfumes with synthetics that I didn’t react to either.
  • Couverture No Chemicals Perfume Oil: I loved everything about this except for the name. Made with all natural ingredients, the smell reminded me of sunset somewhere exotic like a cleaner Marrakech with roses, spices and leather all in perfect harmony. It’s got a high nuzzle factor.

If you’d like a more detailed review of anything that I haven’t mentioned a review is coming let me know. Spot any of your favourites?

Tomorrow will be my favourite makeup products.

  1. Thanks for the mention! Some lovely things here. I’m a sucker for rose too. Love the sound of Sodashi. Henne has been on the wishlist a while. Great picks.

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