Everything’s Coming Up Roses

I’m a lady sure but I’m not a particularly girly girl, I was a tomboy growing up and have never worn a pink item of clothing! But rose, traditionally seen as the most feminine of flowers, I completely and utter adore. The scent though more than the flowers themselves. There are a million different rose scents from fresh and sweet to sensual and sizzlingly sexy.

Aside from the intoxicating smell, rose has an array of benefits that make it great for the skin. Rose oil is antibacterial, healing, anti-inflammatory, nourishing and hydrating and is used in aromatherapy to soothe the mind.

I just did a quick tour of my home and here are all the products containing roses (not including perfumes) that I currently have

In the kitchen……


On the dressing table or in skincare stash…..

rose 1

  • Korres Wild Rose Peeling Mask
  • Therapi Rose Otto Ultra Radiance Cream
  • Bodhi & Birch Desert Rose Rejuvenating Face Oil
  • MOR Rosebud Lip Macaron
  • Aesop Damascan Rose Facial treatment
  • Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Oil Capsules
  • Korres rose mandarin lip butter
  • Wildwood Groves Rose Argan oil

In the bathroom or in skincare stash…..

rose body products

  • Weleda Wild Rose Body Oil
  • REN Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish
  • Jo Malone Red Roses cologne
  • Aromatherapy Associates Rose Body Wash
  • Elemental Herbology Neroli & Rose Damask Body Cream
  • REN Moroccan Rose Body Oil

Yes so my name is Wonderlusting and I’m a rose-aholic.

What scent do you go gaga for?

  1. Aaawww roses! I adore roses too! A lovely post, raiding the kitch and the beauty case for the flowery stuff 😉
    What I love about the flower the most, is that with different roses, the scents can vary from very “oily”, heavy, carnal, brutally headache-inducing to light and sweet like cotton candy and anything in between.
    Am surprised to not spot The Noble Rose of Afghanistan here 😉 It’s the most rosy-rose scent evva, sweet, light, cosy, silky, sexy, playful, dry, cool – a rose explosion.

    P.S. Also, in my fave tea boutique here in Berlin, they offer a rose darjeeling (highest-grade first-flush Darjeeling with rose and jasmine petals). It’s like happiness in a tea cup.

    1. Exactly! When people say that rose is for old ladies i realize they know nothing! I purposely left out perfumes though the Jo Malone sneaked in (and i couldn’t be bothered to redo the pics…). Noble Rose is heavenly – I’ll probably do another post on rose fragrances.

      That just sounds divine 🙂

    2. You surely know Les Parfums de Rosine? They have only rose perfumes. Conventional, non-green perfumes, but the craftsmanship is outstanding.

      It *is* divine 🙂 You must come and visit!

    3. Actually I did not know….. What a discovery! If i went in to the boutique I would probably go into rose delirium! My next trip to Paris i absolutement MUST head there.

      You know I’ve never been to Germany I really need to remedy that.

    4. Well, well, travel plans time it is, then! 😉 Would be my pleasure to show you around in big B.!

  2. Reading this post, I practically wanna buy everything. LOL. I have anxiety disorder. Rose/Almond scent are wonderful smells to uplift my mood. I really rely on them. The Body Deli has some wonderful Aroma Therapy sets to try out.

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