Green beauty empties June 2017

My Year of Green Beauty Empties #4 2017: Snog, Marry & Avoids

This year I’m keeping track of exactly how many beauty and skincare products I use in a year. My rules are to count the full-size or travel sizes only otherwise we’d be here all year.  Part of me is regretting deciding to do this but I shall stick to it!

June 2017 Skincare and Green Beauty Empties

Green beauty empties June 2017Read on to see which my thoughts on the products I’ve used and would snog, marry or avoid!

SNOG (good products that I thoroughly enjoyed having in my life but am not quite ready to make a commitment right now due to having an extensive harem of products). I.E MIGHT REPURCHASE

Green Beauty Empties June 2017 - PHB Botanicals, Laniakea, Herbfarmacy, Martina Gebhardt, Raz Spa, John Masters

  • PHB Botanicals Brightening Hand Cream Neroli & Ylang Ylang: didn’t notice any brightening but it was a nice hand cream with a subtle scent. 
  • John Masters Lip Calm: lip smoothing lip balm with an uplifting tangerine tang.
  • Laniakea argan oil: The company name means “immeasurable heaven” in Hawaiian. This was a great quality argan oil traceable back to the exact argan tree the nuts came from, all fairly and sustainably sourced. 
  • Herbfarmacy Rose & Echinacea Toner: Delightfully rose fragranced toner. I liked using this as a face and mood refresher during the hot days of summer. Read here. about my first time seeing Echinacea at Herb Farm itself where all the herbs that go in to Herbfarmacy products are grown
  • Martina Gebhardt Happy Aging Tonic: This is another hidden gem of a biodynamic brand from Germany and I absolutely love the name of this range for mature skin. They use spagyric extracts (I need to look in to exactly what the benefits are) and I did feel this tonic was doing something extra than a toner.

MARRY (products that I loved using, have or want to have a long term relationship with and plan an ongoing commitment to): I.E. WILL REPURCHASE

Green Beauty Empties June 2017 - Ladival, Bodhi & Birch, Sodashi, Korres, Goldfaden, Supernatural Beauty, Mahogany Naturals, Madara, Prismology, Verso, Rimmel

  • Ladival SPF30: the big selling point of Lavidal is that it protects against infrared-A rays as well as UVA and UVB which are the only ones usually mentioned. This is free of most irritants including preservatives, colourants, fragrance, parabens, and PEGs. This did not irritate my face at all, applied really easily and praise be didn’t leave me looking like a ghost! It was quite rich which my dry skin is happy with, though oilier skin might be less so. 
  • Bodhi & Birch Ylang-Ylang Incensa Bath & Show Therapy: This was one of my 2016 faves .  This is a real treat for the senses with an intoxicating smokiness that is a sensual delight.  
  • Sodashi Plant Essence Replenish Mask: Sodashi is a gorgeous luxury brand that not a lot of people seem to know about. Read more about what makes Sodashi special here. My skin loved this deeply nourishing mask, which left it looking and feeling super soft, hydrated and glowy. 
  • Korres Wild Rose Peeling Mask AHA 10%: I was slightly scared to use this on my sensitive skin. There was nothing to worry out, though there was a tingle the first time I used, I took it slowly building up the amount of time I left it on for, and was rewarded with baby smooth skin.
  • Goldfaden MD Doctor’s Scrub: this is one serious kick-ass scrub. And it’s made with rubies. Read the detailed review here.
  • Supernatural Beauty Righteous Body Butter:  the mintiest thing you ever did smell and though very rich (thanks to kukui, argan, shea butter) it’s got a whipped texture so doesn’t feel heavy at all and rubs in quickly. All round fab in warm weather and perfect for dry skin.
  • Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil: I’ve used this since I was a teenager. It’s probably the makeup item I’ve repurchased the most ever. The perfect natural colour match for my almost black brows, easy to use and cheap.
  • Mahogany Naturals Hydrating Repair Oil: a lovely blend of oils including marula, baobab, camellia, avocado and more. It had a rich but not heavy texture that I liked to massage in at night for extra nourishment. 
  • Madara Peel Mask: This was very similar to the Korres peeling mask, leaving my sensitive skin smooth without any irritation. Again I took it slowly and gradually increased the amount of time I left it on my skin.
  • Prismologie Ruby and Cedarwood Invigorating Body Oil: this is an intriguing skincare range dedicated to mood enhancing through the power of colour and gemstones.This oil absorbed almost instantly with a rather sensual and spicy scent. It’s a fascinating concept that I’ll have to explore properly.  I’ve just noticed that this is the second ruby product I finished this month.
  • Verso Night Cream: this is the first retinol product I’ve used and I was blown away. An extremely rare occurrence for me with a cream. It was like magic on my skin, clearing up a patch of inflamed skin in two nights, that I’d been battling for weeks. I’m currently using the full size and will be doing an in-depth review of this soon.
  • RAZ Spa Repair: A fab multi=purpose balm and healing salve from Danish RAZ Spa, one of my favourite discoveries last year. Handy size for holidays and handbags.  

AVOID PECK ON THE CHEEK (again this month there are no avoids. These products were all perfectly fine but they didn’t rock my world). I.E. WON’T REPURCHASE

Green Beauty Empties June 2017 - Martina Gebhardt, John Masters, Africa Organics

All of these apart from the Martina Gebhardt cleanser came in beauty boxes:

  • Martina Gebhardt Happy Ageing Cleanser: This was a lotion/milk type cleanser which is the type of cleanser I’m not crazy about. It was fine to use and did the job but I wouldn’t have picked it on its own however it came in the travel set. If you do like cleansing milks and have dry skin, I think you’d like this as it left the skin feeling hydrated. The company believes that no other products should be used at night  after cleansing as the skin should be able to breathe without restrictions.
  • John Masters Organics Lavender Rosemary Shampoo: this is designed for normal hair and mine is very dry. I ended up using this on my brushes. 
  • John Masters Organics 100% Argan Oil: I love argan oil and there was nothing wrong with this, there are just other brands I prefer.
  • FOM London Antioxidant Hydra Plump & Firm Cream: this has lots of lovely ingredients to help with the signs of ageing. However I’m #TeamOil (mixed in an emulsion) and hardly ever use daytime moisturisers, as the preservatives and emulsifiers in them irritate my skin. 
  • Africa Organics Marula Shampoo: this didn’t strip my hair and it cleansed thoroughly. 

So that’s 22 products used up in June. Mid-way through the year and I’ve used up 76 products so far in 2017.

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  1. Great post! Sodashi has been on my radar for a while now! I definitely want to try the Supernatural body butter and I’d like to also explore Prismologie more (I’ve tried Rose Quartz & Rose and Sapphire & Oud – both gorgeous!)

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