How Many Beauty Products Do You Use Up In A Year? Green Beauty Empties #3 2017

This year I’m keeping track of exactly how many beauty and skincare products I use in a year. My rules are to count the full-size or travel/deluxe sample sizes only otherwise we’d be here all year. Here’s what I used up in May….yes I know it’s horrendously late, better late than never though 🙂

May 2017 Skincare and Green Beauty Empties

May 2017 green beauty empties

I know that used products are not necessarily the most aesthetically pleasing sight but facing up to what you’ve used is good for the soul n’est ce pas?

May 2017 green beauty empties

Read on to see which my thoughts on the products I’ve used and would snog, marry or avoid peck on the cheek.

SNOG (good products that I thoroughly enjoyed using but am not quite ready to make a commitment right now due to having an extensive harem of products). I.E MIGHT REPURCHASE

green beauty empties - lavers, fom, madara, seraphine, trilogy, herbfarmacy, rlinden

  • Lavera All-Round Cream: a good multi-purpose moisturiser that I could use on my face without irritation as well as being rich enough for my crocodile skin hands. 
  • FOM London Anti-Pollution Skin Supplement Essence: anti-pollution was one of the big trends I predicted in skincare for 2017.  Essences are very k-beauty which has been another trend in recent years. This contains hydrolyzed silk and hylauronic acid for skin plumping, and juniper and sage contributing to the anti-pollution benefits.
  • Seraphine Botanicals Carrot & Rose oil: a really nice, reasonably priced oil blend that left my skin glowing. 
  • Trilogy Age Proof Active Enzyme Cleansing Cream: I was expecting not to like this as I tend to find a lot more misses than hits with cleansing creams. This was great, it took makeup off without any irritation and didn’t leave my skin feeling stripped. 
  • Trilogy Age Proof Line Smoothing Day Cream: if this hadn’t come in the set, I would never have picked this up but I’m glad I did. This contains a blend of ingredients to fight glycation and collagen breakdown. I think it did help smooth fine lines so could be a good one if you’re seeking a natural moisturiser to help with this. 
  • Herbfarmacy Nail & Cuticle Oil: I’ve yet to find a Herbfarmacy product I don’t like. This was no exception. 
  • RLinden Rose Balm: just discovered that the company has closed. Shame as I had their Whole Lotta Roses mask on my lust list. 

MARRY (products that I loved using, have or want to have a long term relationship with and plan an ongoing commitment to): I.E. WILL REPURCHASE

Green beauty empties - zelens, weleda, africology, cacay, mv, skin&tonic, herbfarmacy

  • Skin & Tonic Steam Clean: I wasn’t expecting to love this so much due to my (in this particular case unfounded) fear of  peppermint and eucalyptus around the face. This was soothing and uplifting at the same time. Skin & Tonic has somehow managed to balance the essential oils in this so it doesn’t irritate my dry, sensitive skin at all. For my skin type this wasn’t one for daily use but I loved using it as part of my weekly facial sessions. 
  • Zelens Power D Treatment Drops: One of those products that I didn’t know I needed but now don’t want to be without. Read why it was one of  my 2016 skincare faves
  • Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Oil: rich, nourishing, affordably priced body oil perfect for slathering on my Sahara dry skin to make it feel human again. 
  • Africology Neroli Natural Spray Water Mist: this was a hydrating toner with an intriguing ingredients list including spring water charged with crystals, green rooibos  – a natural source of AHAs, African wild potato and neroli. The combination of ingredients felt almost like a serum. 
  • Therapi Honey Lip Nectar: firstly such a cute pot, secondly the most delectable nourishing blend for serious pout pampering. 
  • Cacay Naturals Cacay Oil: my fave new oil discovery and another one of my 2017 predictions. This made my skin glow like nobody’s business and was especially fabulous under makeup. Only bugbear is I hate how messy the label gets. 
  • MV Organic Pure Jojoba Oil: I always have jojoba oil in my stash as my skin loves it. Though technically not an oil, it’s a wax, it’s so similar to skin sebum that it’s great for balancing the skin, whether dry or oily. 
  • Herbfarmacy Mallow Beauty Balm: love this stuff – it’s a great multipurpose balm. Another one of  my 2016 skincare faves

PECK ON THE CHEEK (again this month there are no avoids. These products were all perfectly fine but they didn’t rock my world so I wouldn’t use or purchase again). I.E. WON’T REPURCHASE

green beauty empties - john masters, vintners daugther, korres, madara, zelens, weleda

  • John Masters Orange & Rose hand cream: lovely texture but the orange scent reminded me of Fanta, which is not something I want my hands to smell of thanks.
  • Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum: gorgeously formulated product that I can see why it’s HG to so many. However it was nice but not amazing for my skin and for the price I need it to be amazeballs. You can read more about what goes in to making Vintner’s Daughter here. 
  • Korres Wild Rose Vitamin C Dark Spot Perfecting Treatment: discontinued
  • Zelens Lip Treatment Oil: fab formulation but I don’t like the tube as it was impossible not to ‘contaminate’ it. I’d love this in a more hygienic tube or rollerball formula. 
  • Luxsit Exfoliating Facial Maskdiscontinued
  • Madara Micellar Water: aloe vera based with really interesting ingredients including peony root . Label says it’s suitable for sensitive skin, unfortunately it also contains alcohol which my skin just doesn’t get on with so I sometimes got a stinging sensation after use.
  • Weleda Ratanhia Toothpaste: I know toothpaste isn’t something to incite strong feelings. This is said to strengthen gums. I didn’t notice any major difference. 
  • Madara Cellular Repair: This contained birch water as the star ingredient which is the new ‘superwater’.  I really liked how this made my skin feel plus it was green coloured. Anything green is always a winner in my books. Sadly looking at the ingredients list, the green came from added colouring which I’m not crazy about in my skincare. 

So this month, that’s 23 products finished. You can read about my last lot of empties here.

I will catch up with June and July in the next week or so, so I’m not lagging too far behind! It will also be good to do a tally of how many products I’ve used so far in total!

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  1. In terms of holding onto empties to do a count and also as a way to track what did and did not work, I’m trying to do something similar.. Plus, I’m surprised about Madara and happy to know I can skip the Weleda toothpaste. Keep these coming, they are so very useful.

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