April Gargiulo, founder, Vintner's Daughter

Meet The Maker: April Gargiulo, Founder, Vintner’s Daughter

Well it’s April so there’s no better time for my chat with April Gargiulo, founder of Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum. As I mentioned in my last post, I’m currently using this serum which is possibly the most hyped face oil in the history of the world. Probably. Many have found the oil serum to be (skin)life-changing giving it HG status, with more Beauty Oscar wins than Meryl. I was fully expecting it to arrive at my door on the wings of unicorns.

Meet the maker of vintner's daughter

With all those petroleum gunk laden expensive jars in Beauty Halls, it’s about time an all natural product got the luxury limelight as far as I’m concerned. Anyway as an oil junkie, I was excited to try for myself and see if I do or don’t believe the hype. The geek within wanted to get a better idea of what goes in to making the serum. What’s so different? The founder April, graciously agreed to answer a few questions. Read on to learn more.

April Gargiulo, founder, Vintner's Daughter
April Gargiulo, founder, Vintner’s Daughter

Congrats on the amazing accolades. How does it feel to have created a ‘cult’ product?
AG: “I am proud to have created a product that dramatically improves the skin of so many woman and men. Active Botanical Serum is uncompromising in its commitment to quality, efficacy and safety.”

What do you think is different about Vintner’s Daughter serum so readers should believe the hype?  
AG: “The biggest difference is our total commitment to the very finest quality. This is not marketing speak. I come from a fine winemaking background and intimately understand how critical quality is to creating a game-changing product. To that end, we source the very finest quality, most nutrient dense WHOLE plants from conscious grower around the world and honor them through an ancient and time-consuming formulation process. The results from this arduous and costly process speak for themselves.”

I know the name comes from your family roots in winemaking. Any similarities between producing great wine and skincare?
AG:” Fine winemaking is all about putting quality and expression first. These are the yardsticks by which you measure everything. Short cuts cannot be taken if you want to make the very best wine or skincare. Vintner’s Daughter shares this philosophy in our quest to make the most effective and highest quality skincare.”

With wine each year can be different. With skincare, of course you need to maintain consistency. How do you manage that with the serum?
AG: “We work with the very best lab in the country for naturals. We aren’t making this in our garage. We test every ingredient that comes into our lab and then test our formulation several times during the process. We take quality very seriously and consistency is a major part of that.”

Please talk me through the ingredient sourcing and your thoughts on certification
AG: “We source organic and wildcrafted ingredients from around the world. Not all are certified, but we know the producers and know that they are working in a way that upholds our high standards. The certificate is a marketing tool that not every producer needs.”

Can you please explain the enfleurage extraction method and what the benefits are in the final product compared to say super critical extraction?
AG: “We begin with the world’s most nutrient dense. whole botanicals and painstakingly take them through a very methodical extraction process called enfleurage. This temperature controlled, ancient process allows us to extract the full spectrum of activity from these powerful plants. We aren’t working with powders, extracts and freeze dried materials. We are working with whole plants and harnessing the full spectrum of their activity. This is why Active Botanical Serum is able to deliver optimal levels of super critical minerals. Vitamins, anti-oxidants, phytonutrients, fatty acids and amino acids. It is a nutritional powerhouse.”

I know that the serum is suitable for all, but which skin types/conditions will get the maximum benefit from the serum?
AG: “Because we focus on issues of skin nutrition, balance and inflammation, all skin can benefit from Active Botanical Serum. Active Botanical Serum is especially beneficial for skin that is compromised by environmental factors like pollution, sun and stress. Acne prone skin loves Active Botanical Serum as does rosacea and aging skin. Active Botanical Serum re-balances, heals and nourishes these skin types to create a healthy skin barrier and function.”

There seems to be much confusion about oil based serums. For those who like a multi-step skincare routine, where do you recommend they slot Vintner’s Daughter in?
AG: “Active Botanical Serum is best used in a simple routine because it gives skin maximum nutrition. You just don’t need much else. It should be the foundation step to healthy, radiant skin. AM/PM – Cleanse, tone (this is important) and then apply Active Botanical Serum. Additional moisture/sun protection may follow if needed and retinol product should come before Active Botanical Serum.”

For those who think it’s a faff(!) Please explain why the push/press technique is worth doing?
AG: “Push/ Press was developed to further activate and help Active Botanical Serum penetrate the skin. It is a 30 second ritual that you can do anywhere and delivers results. However, if you have a way that works better for you, then that is what you should do.”

Any thoughts on why green beauty is now taking its (well deserved) place at the luxury beauty table?
AG: “People are becoming more aware of what they put in and on their bodies. Green beauty is an outgrowth of that. Not all green beauty is created equally though, so you must continue to be vigilant about reading the label. There are inexpensive fillers everywhere.”

What are your top non-product tips for healthy skin?
AG: “Water, sleep, movement, diet, friends, family. The basics.”

Thank you very much April!

I hope you found that as useful as I did. I will be doing a thorough review in a couple of weeks. Tell me, have you used Vintner’s Daughter?


  1. I hear a lot about the brand, and it’s also finally avail over here (Amazingy, of course). Love the parallels between fine winemaking and skincare. It’s the same every time, whether it’s food, or cosmetics, or clothes – you get best results by working artisanally, not industrially. Every. Bloody. Time. (Sorry, I’m fairly livid from my yesterday’s Oxfam report summary) So yes – please – yes to honest quality! Also, will wait for your review of the products!

  2. I first heard of the push/press technique at a Caudalie event and I do apply light products in that manner or when I spritz a product on, I press it in. It’s quite interesting that it’s discussed here too. Looking forward to the review

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