best luxury natural and organic cleansers spring 2017 - La Bella Figura, Rawgaia, Oilixia, Dafna's

The Wonderlusting Spring Cleanser Edit: Dafna’s, La Bella Figura, Oilixia, Rawgaia

Cleansers are my jam. Cleansing is my favourite skincare step. Cleansers are the type of skincare product I’ve reviewed the most and written the most lust lists for. So in case it’s not clear, my name is Lynda and I’m a cleansaholic.   Probably need to look in to a support group.

I don’t want functional, quickie cleansing *recoils in horror at thought of wipes*. No I want a sensual, joyful experience (no I don’t need to get out more) which the following new cleansers are promising.

best luxury natural and organic cleansers spring 2017 - La Bella Figura, Rawgaia, Oilixia, Dafna's

Here’s my pick of the new ones I am most excited to get on my face. They are all natural and organic and all also happen to be suitable for vegans.

The Wonderlusting Spring Cleansing Closet

La Bella Figura Curative Cleansing Balm, COMING SOON

La Bella Figura Cleansing Balm

La Bella Figura says: “This concentrated balm removes impurities and offers therapeutic benefits from nourishing cupuacu butter and coriander seed oil resulting in clean, smooth skin ready for treatments. Aiding in removing buildup, pollution and makeup our unique formula is gentle yet rinses clean without drying or stripping the skin.”

I say a rinse-off balm cleanser – come to mama. This cleansing balm is part of La Bella Figura’s limited edition ‘The Capsule Collection”, the most covetable and innovative skincare kit you ever did see (check it out here you will die). The cleanser was such a hit it’s becoming part of the permanent collection. Lucky me has a pot to try. I’m intrigued by the ingredients list which contains several that I don’t recall seeing in any other balm cleansers before including cupuacu butter, coriander seed oil, vetiver oil and arnica. I’ll update with price as soon as it’s released. In Europe you’ll find at Reina Organics.

Oilixia Australian Kakadu Plum Gummy Facial Cleanser, 75ml, RRP £24

Oilixia Australian Kakadu Plum Gummy Facial cleanser

Oilixia says: “unique gummy texture that glides over skin, turning tacky to help lift off makeup and remove deep grime. A splash of water turns it milky for easy removal while leaving a light veil of nourishing oils to help protect the skin.”

I say “gummy” just sounds so much fun doesn’t it? I’ve recently started to explore the relaunched Oilixia range which features botanical ingredients from different parts of the world, inspired by the founder Alex’s globe trotting to over 50 countries. This cleanser contains macadamia, eucalyptus and kakudu plum – all indigenous to Australia. Kakudu plum is the highest natural source of Vitamin C and seems to be the new ‘superfruit’ that we’ll be seeing more of in skincare thanks to its antioxidant powers.

Raw Gaia MSM Organic Beauty Cleansing Serum, 50ml, £30

Rawgaia MSM Organic Beauty Cleansing Serum

Raw Gaia says: “The Beauty Mineral” is HOT right now in the beauty world thanks to its collagen building proteins and high sulphur content.  We infuse this essential beauty food ingredient in cold pressed, organic oils to retain the plant packed nutritional content of the cleanser, providing your skin with an array of botanical beauty boosting ingredients to leave  it feeling super soft and hydrated.”

I say tell me more “what’s a cleansing serum?”. I haven’t used anything called a ‘cleansing serum’ before and have only seen the term used K-Beauty products. MSM is a supplement that I’ve been incorporating in to my diet recently. It’s a rich source of sulphur that helps boost collagen and keratin building for stronger skin, hair and nails. I’m interested to see if there are benefits to topical application. The 97% organic ingredients includes a roll call of the most skin repairing, superfoodtastic oils including avocado, hemp, baobab, broccoli seed, chia seed as well as anti-ageing frankincense essential oil.

UPDATE: Read a detailed review of the Raw Gaia MSM cleanser here.

Dafna’s Recovery Cleanser, 50ml, £35/€38

Dafna's recovery cleanser

Dafna’s says: “Luxe balm-to-milk cleanser, based on nutritive and anti-oxidants pure and organic oils of moringa, bamboo and argan. Removes all traces of make-up and grime while purifying and nurturing the skin.”

I say that sounds heavenly. Balms are the ultimate cleansers with serious skin pampering benefits. This also rinses off and multitasks as a mask. My dry skin is sighing happily at the sound of the super nourishing oils included such as moringa, bamboo and argan. It also contains lemongrass which I always find delightfully, spirit raising. I note that the enclosed instructions indicate how best to use the cleanser depending on your Ayurvedic dosha. (Told ya that we’d be seeing doshas on our skincare labels didn’t I? Read all my 2017 predictions here.) Read more about Dafna’s philosophy and process here.


I will be reviewing all of these as I use them over the season. My first impressions will be over on Instagram so be sure to be following me there.
Have you used any of these? What’s your absolute favourite cleanser?

  1. Oh good, so I’m not a cleansing weirdo *phew* I use two products and up to five cleansing steps, and it’s my happy time before bedtime.
    Wonder how the gummy texture feels though. Please open up on the sensations/ efficiency! 🙂

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