Soil Association Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week

Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week 2017

Soil Association Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week

Say hello to the first ever Soil Association Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week and pop-up shop, taking place all this week from Monday 15th until Sunday 21st May. After five years ‘wellbeing’ has been added and it’s a dedicated week outside Organic September.  I’m always banging on about how beauty is about so much more than the products you use so I’m thrilled to see this new development. The week-long celebration of organic beauty and wellbeing includes a pop-up shop in Shoreditch where there will be free talks, expert advice, workshops, panel discussions, and exclusive special offers.

Soil Association Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week pop-up events
Soil Association Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week pop-up events

Why I Love Organic Beauty

I love organic beauty, not because I’m terrified of ‘nasties’. No thanks obvs but that’s not the main thing. I love it because it’s full of amazing, skin nourishing, effective, natural ingredients that work. Plus it’s better for the planet which means better for all of us. Mother Nature is a kickass chemist. Scientific study is constantly backing up the beneficial properties of nature’s wonders and most research is concerned with replicating nature. We all know that processed turkey twizzler type food full of junk is no good for us so why would we want to slap the skincare equivalent on our faces?

Some gorgeous Soil Association certified organic products
Some gorgeous Soil Association certified organic products


Organic is booming business. Sales of organic products in the UK are now worth over £2billion with the certified organic beauty slice of that worth £61.2 million with sales increasing 30% in the last two years alone (source Soil Association Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Report).  

The growing consumer demand means less scrupulous companies want to cash in, slapping ‘organic’ on their products when all may not be as it seems.  Unlike with organic food, where there are very strict laws, there is zilch legislation governing organic beauty. A product can contain a teeny drop of just one organic ingredient and claim to be organic and get away with it! When you see the Soil Association logo on a beauty product it’s a badge of trust that a company earns that lets you know you’re buying a bona fide organic product that has undergone stringent testing to ensure it is what it claims to be.

#lookforthelogo Soil Association
Look for the logo!

“Organic” can only be included in the product’s name if it contains at least 95% organic ingredients (excluding water). All products must state the percentage of organic ingredients on the label and products with less than 70% organic ingredients won’t be certified at all by the Soil Association. So you can make a fully informed choice without being misled.

Organic ingredients aside, Soil Association certification is about so much more than organic ingredients though. It also means the product has been ethically and sustainably produced. Certification can be an expensive, lengthy process with the Soil Association looking into all the conditions from where the ingredients come from, to how it is manufactured and labelled. All inspected annually. Getting that logo shows a company is seriously committed to transparency and upholding high standards.


To check out what’s on over the weekend and sign up visit

Soil Association Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week pop-up

Viridian Nutrition - Soil Association Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week pop-up

La-Eva, Naissance, Therapi Honey skincare, Herbfarmacy - Soil Association Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week pop-up


  • Content Beauty is offering Pai 60-minute facials for £55 (usually £70) with a FREE Pai Instant Calm set valid during May 2017. To book quote “Organic Beauty Week”  telephone 020 3075 1006 or email
  • Herbfarmacy is offering 20% off all their products online. Read more about what makes Herbfarmacy special here.
  • LoveLula is offering 15% off all Soil Association certified products. Use discount code SA15
  • Pink’s Boutique is offering a FREE Deep Cleanse Melt worth £40 with orders over £45. This fabulous cleanser was one of my Best of 2016 products.  Read my review of Deep Cleanse Melt here to find out why you should run not walk to grab this fantastic offer. 
  • 20% off all brands at the Soil Association Beauty & Wellbeing Pop-up including Bamford, La-Eva, Naissance, Natracare, Neal’s Yard Remedies, Nourish Skincare, Odylique, Therapi, Viridian, Voya

For further information on Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week events and offers available nationwide see here. 

Soil Association Beauty & Wellbeing Pop-Up, Protein Studios, 31 New Yard Inn, London, EC2A 3EY

Do you look specifically for organic certified products?

    1. I meant to say a lot more but posted too soon! Ha anyways, I’m in the U.S. and we have a very similar problem of pretty much non existent legislation about labeling and way too many harmful chemicals are allowed in our products. Does the UK do a better job of screening ingredients at least? That’s great that there are smaller certifications available though so customers feel more confident in their purchasing. I’ve seen a few popping up here but will definitely keep my eye out for more!

    2. That’s so sweet of you. Thanks for dropping by. As part of the EU we do at least have fair strict laws in any case for cosmetics as far as suspected toxins go. I know there are hundred of ingredients not allowed that are not banned in the U.S.

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