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How Many Beauty Products Do You Use Up In A Year? Green Beauty Empties #2 2017

I’ve recently been wondering exactly how many products I use in a year so in 2017, I’ve decided to keep track (full-size/travel size only not samples) to find out! Read on to see what I’ve finished using in the last couple of months.

March & April 2017 Skincare and Green Beauty Empties

March 2017 natural and organic skincare empties

Read on to see which products I would snog, marry or avoid peck on the cheek. With one exception, the skincare is all natural and/or organic ingredients, made without petrochemicals, phalates, parabens, sulphates, synthetic fragrance, colourings etc. In terms of skin type which affects my experience with products, during the winter and spring my skin is dry and prone to sensitivity and dehydration.

SNOG (good products that I thoroughly enjoyed using but am not quite ready to make a long term commitment)

  • MooGoo Super Vitamin C SerumVitamin C is a key ingredient in my eternal battle against hyperpigmentation and also as a sun protection booster so I always have a Vitamin C serum in my routine. This MooGoo oil-based serum has a whopping 25% Vitamin C content, one of the highest I’ve seen, which I guess is where the super comes in. Oil soluble Vitamin C tends to penetrate the skin better plus I have dry skin so oil is always what I gravitate to. I like that it has just three ingredients – the vitamin c, vitamin E and olive squalene. However I didn’t notice any dramatic reduction in pigmentation whilst using this serum but it kept my skin looking bright and feeling soft thanks to the squalene. 
  • Sante Verde Xinghu High Antioxidant Prevention Eye Cream: this is the first eye cream that I’ve ever enjoyed using consistently. I was mainly drawn to it because it contains cashew which is one of my favourite fruits that I never get to eat. Not the best reason for picking an eye cream I know! Sante Verde use ultra nourishing aloe vera rather than water as the base for all their products.  This cream kept my under eye area nicely moisturised and feeling nourished without any irritation which my peepers are prone to. Though full of rich ingredients, it sunk in quickly so makeup could be applied without running amok.  It didn’t perform any miracles on my lovely allergy perks of dark circles or puffiness.  I’m trying out a few other eye creams now I’ve got in to the eye cream groove and might come back to this one. 
  • Kari Gran Cleansing OilI got this in a swap with Instagram buddy Cleanshelf (do check Ine out for honest, non KoolAid-drinking (re)views about green beauty /eco livingand Nordic discoveries). I’m an oil cleanser fan so always interested in trying out new ones. The Kari Gran is a non-emulsifying blend of four plant oils with a silky feel that was rather nourishing on the skin. I found the texture of this quite thick which worked for me in the winter but will be too much of a good thing as the weather gets warmer. 

MARRY (products that I loved using, have a long term relationship with and want to make an ongoing financial commitment to):

  • A’kin Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil: this is one of my favourite oils. A vibrantly orange rosehip oil full of organic goodness that makes my skin glow and feel nourished. You can read my detailed review and what makes it special here.
  • Sarah Chapman Intensive Hydrating Booster: This is one of the best hydrating serums I’ve ever used. During winter when my skin can get Sahara dry, this serum makes it positively juicy and feeling like cashmere. Ingredients include low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, rosewater, sea water and a substance called beta glucan that boosts the skin’s immune system. It’s one of those products that your heart starts to sink as you get to the last few drops. If I recall this contains a mix of botanicals and safe synthetic ingredients. My only bug bear is that I wish the company listed full ingredients on its website grrrrr. 
  • RMS Lip2Cheek in ‘Smile: another long-time fave from rms beauty one of the leading organic beauty brands. And I do mean long-time, this little pot lasted FOREVER. Smile is a pretty coral that does make me want to smile and perks up my face. It’s an easy to wear, easy to blend, cream blusher that I reach for most days. I ignore the lip part in the name as I don’t think it works as well there as on the cheeks. You can read a detailed review with swatches of all the RMS Beauty lip2cheeks here.
  • Nourish Kale Anti-Ageing Handcreamthis was my favourite hand cream hand over the winter taking the place of my beloved L’Occitane. This cream contains kale (so of course I love it) along with argan oil, frankincense, myrhh, an anti-irration complex and ingredients to lighten dark spots and reduce inflammation. It certainly soothed and softened my winter tortured hands and made my crocodile skin feel like silk. 
  • Bodhi & Birch Sicilian Rose Body Oil: one of a trio of new body oils launched by Bodhi & Birch at the end of last year. Elijah Choo, the founder, is somewhat of a skincare scent maestro so my nose always looks forward to sniffing his creations, especially when it contains rose as I’m a bit of a rose freak. The oil itself is rich and silky blend including safflower, macadamia and rosehip that sinks in to the skin quickly.  This is not a classic, English garden rose. It was inspired by a trip to Sicily and that comes through. On my skin alongside the sun-kissed rose, there is a whiff of lemon, but not sharp zest, more the sweeter fragrance of a Meyer lemon with some spice and woodiness. I’d love this as a perfume. 
  • NYX Professional Makeup Micro Brow Pencil in Espresso: I’m very old school and like using a pencil for my brows. I liked the ultra thin nib on this and the colour worked perfectly on my very dark almost jet-black eyebrows without entering Sharpie Eyebrow territory. It broke after a couple of weeks use though. I’m giving NYX the benefit of the doubt and chalking that up to my clumsiness. 
  • La Roche Posay Cicaplast Hands: When there’s no ‘green beauty’ around, La Roche Posay is a French pharmacy brand that my skin doesn’t have a strop with. The products generally have minimal ingredients list with no added fragrance so though mostly synthetic, I know my skin won’t react. This hand cream soothed my sore irritated hands, when the essential oils and fragrances in other more natural creams were aggravating my skin. 

PECK ON THE CHEEK (again this month there are no avoids. These products were all perfectly fine they just didn’t rock my world)

  • Greenfrog Botanic Neroli and Lime Bodywashthis soapnut based bodywash cleansed my skin without any stripping. I just wasn’t crazy about the scent which wasn’t particularly neroli or lime-y to my nose. 
  • Nuori Lip TreatI love the ‘freshly’ philosophy of this new, natural Danish skincare company. All products are freshly made in batches with start using by date – the first time I’ve seen that – minimising the need for synthetic preservatives. It’s a good looking tube of lip balm for sure and I like the nozzle for hygiene, however I wasn’t wowed by the performance. When first applied my lips did feel nourished but I had to apply almost hourly to maintain that. For the luxury price tag, I’d like longer lasting. 

So this month, that’s 13 products finished. You can read about my last lot of empties here.

Any guesses how many products I’ll have used by the end of the year?


  1. Ah, I spot the Santaverde Xingu here on the list 🙂 Mine is a keeper though. This year I started to develop dry crow’s feet wrinkles on the outer corners that look unpleasantly and completely unexpectedly super “crinkled”, and Santaverde does a great job at softening those.
    How many you will use up this year, I don’t know. 93? 😀

    1. Eyes are so tricky to treat – great this is doing wonders for you. Have you tried the eye serum btw? After I bought the cream I realised that I had meant to order the serum but it was too late to exchange by the time I noticed.

      Based on products so far that’s a very mathematically sensible guess! 😎

    2. Oh, I had a sample of the serum – I preferred the cream texture though. Products with too little oil do nothing for the newest wrinkle addition, and some even aggravate the problem :/

    3. It’s pretty justified though – but not with the Xingu formula. It’s fairly lightweight for an eye cream marketed as “age perfect”. P.S. I’ve turned off the comments on my page for the moment. So will answer here: it’s funny that the hair colour looks richer (it does IRL!) because my hair is natural, it hasn’t seen any hair dye whatsoever, not even chalk or wash or anything, for at least six years.

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