Natural Beauty: A’kin Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil Review

I adore oils and like to slather myself at every stage of my skincare routine from cleansing to treatment and moisturising, day and night. I’m always seeking new and interesting oils to try and sometimes forget about the time-honoured oils like rosehip. Rosehip oil is well known for its overachieving skin nourishing properties. It boasts super high levels of natural retinol (Vitamin A) and Omegas 3,6 and 9 – essential fatty acids which research shows improve skin elasticity, protect against sun damage, and help skin repair. However all rosehip oils are not created equal. A'Kin rosehip oil and dropper I was given a bottle of A’Kin Pure Rosehip Oil* to try which made it on to my list of recent beauty faves. A’kin is an Australian company making natural, vegan products that are free from various irritants and potentially noxious ingredients including parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, mineral oils, silicones, phthlalates, artificial colours and fragrances.


A’kin say: “Discover skin that feels soft, smooth and deeply hydrated with A’kin Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil. Enriched with pure active botanics like certified organic rosehip oil extracted from rosehip seeds, it has a high concentration of Vitamins A and E and Omegas 9, 3 and 6 essential fatty acids. A’kin Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil has a concentration of Omega essential fatty acids that is no less than 80%.

The difference in our Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil is in the supercritical CO2 extraction method, which works without the stress of high temperatures, to guarantee the purest most potent oil is recovered. This award winning Rosehip oil helps to restore moisture, and helps reduce the visible signs of ageing. The result is vibrant, glowing and healthy radiant looking skin.”


I’ve become a bit of an oil geek and now know that to get the best results you first need the highest quality, undamaged seeds/nuts, and then how you extract and store the oil is key. Any compromises could mean poor quality, rancid oil which does nothing for the skin. Imagine eating food that has gone off?

The first thing that blew me away about the A’kin rosehip oil was the rich almost amber colour. I’ve used various rosehip oils in the past and none have been this vibrant. Below is a drop of the A’kin rosehip oil next to a drop of the rosehip oil I’d previously been using. The clearer coloured oil means that it is more refined, which generally means it will have less of the natural benefits left. NOTE: Refined is not automatically bad – if you have particularly sensitive skin or allergies, a refined oil might be your best bet as there is less for your skin to react to.

I use four to five drops in the morning after applying serum. Depending on what my skin is doing I might use it on its own, mix it with a drop of another oil or layer on moisturiser afterwards. When I’m travelling and don’t want to take all my lotions and potions, this is the one oil that I’ve been taking, then I use it at night as well. During the cold weather I mixed a couple of drops in to my foundation. I feel like it has helped any inflammations heal quicker but as I didn’t note down the dates or take pictures I can’t swear to that.

I’ve been surprised at how much I love this oil and keep reaching for it. It adds a natural radiance to my dry skin and sinks in quickly with no greasy feel, yet makes it feel nourished. The only thing that I don’t find it good for is facial massage due to the dry texture.

A’kin rosehip oil ingredients

Ingredients wise, the oil is made from organic rosehip seed and rosemary leaf extract, used as a preservative. On their website A’kin have some compelling claims about the freshness of their oil. I have no idea what the other brands they tested their rosehip oil against were and exactly who did the testing but the results are interesting reading. Check it out here.

From my personal experience and completely unscientific testing – I 💝 this oil. My skin practically exhales when I rub it in. Any moans? Not about the product but about labelling. As always I wish the box or bottle had a manufacturing or expiry date listed.

A’kin Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil, 23ml, £18

  1. Great post. I do love rosehip oil. I’ve been using pai which also has quite a rich and amber hue. I’m adding this one to my list too x

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