My Year of Green Beauty Empties: #6 Snog, Marry and Avoids

Another chapter in my epic task of keeping track of exactly how many beauty and skincare products I use up in a year.

September 2017 Green Beauty Empties

Here are the 14 products I used up this month:

green beauty empties september 2017

Read on for my thoughts on the products I’ve used and find out which I would snog, marry or avoid!

SNOG (good products that I thoroughly enjoyed having in my life but am not quite ready to make a commitment right now due to having an extensive harem of products). I.E MIGHT REPURCHASE

green beauty empties - snog

  • Africology Anti-oxidant Serum: anti-oxidant serums are a must for me and I always have one in my skincare routine. This Africology serum had an intriguing ingredients list including green rooibos, aloe ferox leaf and African potato root – all of which are rich in anti-oxidants and help protect against damage. It had a rather earthy natural smell which I rather liked. This serum did help keep my dry skin feeling hydrated and radiant so I probably will return to it when I’ve used up some other serums. Hmmm maybe this should be a marry.
  • Odylique Ylang Ylang & Orange Wash: very pleasant, non drying body wash that I enjoyed using. The orange scent was more dominant to my nose than the Ylang Ylang and orange is not a scent I’m strongly drawn to. 

MARRY (products that I loved using, have or want to have a long term relationship with and plan an ongoing commitment to): I.E. WILL REPURCHASE

green beauty empties - marry pai, dafna's, balm balm, ilia, fresh therapies, dr bonner's, naturally living

  • ILIA lipgloss in The Butterfly and I :  ILIA’s lipgloss formula is one of the best out there, green or not.  Light but pigmented texture with zero gloopiness or tackiness, and lips are left hydrated. The Butterfly and I is a perfect peach nude that suits all skin tones. This is a multiple repeat purchase for me. 
  • Balm Balm Spearmint Single Note Eau De Parfum: This fragrance is a pure hit of refreshing spearmint, ideal for when you need a wakeup blast. This is not a sophisticated blend, which is part of its charm, it simply hits the spot. Also worth noting is the face it is 100% organic made with organic essential oil added to organic grain alcohol. Before I’d used up this sample vial, I’d bought a full size.
  • Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Rapid Radiance Mask: not sure what ‘bioregenerate’ means when it’s at home but I do know that this is a fab buttery mask that deeply nourishing my dry, sensitive skin. It also smells incredible if you’re a rosehip fan. One I reached for whenever my skin was feeling and looking a bit dull. The instructions state to leave on for 8-10 minutes, I tended to leave on for far longer than that.
  • Dafna’s Recovery Cleanser: this Dafna cleanser is utterly delightful in every way. It’s my favourite balm cleanser this year. Read a detailed review of the Dafna Recovery Cleanser and head over here to learn more about the brand founder, Dafna Shaham.
  • Fresh Therapies Natural Nail Polish Remover: taking nail polish off is one of my least favourite beauty tasks – it feels like an ordeal. Using this Fresh Therapies nail polish remover however actually felt like pampering. It’s made with all biodegradable ingredients, without acetone or alcohol, has no noxious pong, and effectively removes all polishes without leaving a stain or stripping nail oils. The texture of the remover itself feels repairing and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that my nails felt stronger using this.  It is pricey, compared to regular nail polish remover, but worth it.
  • Living Naturally Cardamom & Lavender Lip Balm: This was one of my 2016 beauty faves. This vegan friendly lip balm is a gorgeous rich yellow, smells scrumptious and kept my lips soft without repeatedly having to re-apply.
  • Dr Bronner’s Peppermint Pure Castille Soap: I’m pretty sure EVERYONE has used this at one time or another. I always have a bottle to hand for washing everything from myself, to makeup brushes and clothes.
  • Pai BioRegenerate Rosehip Oil: There’s that word again anyway I LOVE this rosehip oil. Pai’s beautiful, bright orange oil is bursting with Vitamin A as similar to my other oil fave A’kin Pure Radiance Rosehip , it includes the rosehip fruit as well as seed oil. This is skin glow in a bottle. 
  • Being Calma Terra French Pink Complexion Clay: This was another 2016 skincare favourite. I’ve always stayed clear from clay masks as I found them too drying for my skin. Turns out I just need to think pink. Pink clay is gentler  and this mask includes Moroccan rhassoul clay as well as rosehip fruit powder which made it nourishing and soothing. It smelled mouthwatering too thanks to the rosehip fruit. I definitely have a thing for rosehip. 

AVOID /PECK ON THE CHEEK  These products were OK but they didn’t work for me). I.E. WON’T REPURCHASE

green beauty empties - avoid frank coffee scrub, vapour concealer, innisfree hand cream

  • Vapour Organic Beauty Illusionist Concealer: I am a big fan of Vapour Beauty. Their products are made with impeccable natural and earth friendly credentials.  This concealer has lovely skin-loving ingredients including frankincense, lotus flower and holy basil. However I didn’t find its performance quite as lovely. It gave a rather shiny finish meaning it works better as a highlighter than a concealer. No one really wants their blemishes and dark circles highlighted! I have a ridiculously sensitive nose and I noticed that it started to smell ‘off’ after about 12 months (It has an 18-month from opening shelf life.
  • Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub: This millennial brand’s coffee scrub has taken social media by storm with its feed of ‘babes’. It is a decent scrub but as someone who grinds coffee beans at home, I have no business buying a scrub that is literally just coffee grinds with oil added. I made my own coffee scrub and the fragrance aside, nobody who used it could tell the difference between my DIY coffee scrub and this. So paying £12.95 for this or zero as well as zerowasting my coffee grinds is a no brainer. 
  • Innisfree Sudachi Hand Cream: Innisfree is billed as a green K-beauty brand so I had a bit of a haul as postage was very reasonable. This hand cream has an extremely long ingredients list with around 45 ingredients, which I didn’t really check when ordering so my bad. Though this is billed as a natural product and does contain several natural extracts and oils, it also has a whole heap of synthetics including several silicones which aren’t harmful but don’t have any skincare benefits so I avoid. I did enjoy using it though. It had a lightweight texture that was absorbed quickly  without any greasy feel and yet was still suitably moisturising for my crocodile claws. 

So that’s another 14 products used up, 103 for 2017 so far!

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Have you used any of the products above? Would you put them in the same snog/marry/avoid category?


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