Natural Beauty: Loving the Labelling from Pai, skincare for sensitive skin

Pai Camellia and Rose Cleanser

Pai skincare has recently caught my eye. I have dry, sensitive skin with a few allergies thrown in for good measure and though I have a regime that works, every once in a while I fancy fluttering my eyelashes at something new. Mainly I stick to products without a bunch of artificial ingredients or fragrances and tend to avoid anything with OTT claims. Pai founder Sarah Brown seems to know her stuff. She was inspired to create the range in 2007 after suffering from a bad skin allergy herself  and the company does thorough research on all ingredients before including in formulations. The range is specifically designed for sensitive skin with organic ingredients and formulations designed to minimise irritation. In fact Pai say:

 “All of our products are formulated with sensitive and allergy-prone skin in mind”

so I say “BINGO!”

At first glance what has really impressed me is the product labelling. I have never seen ingredients listed this clearly in plain English on skincare products before.  I do think there is sometimes an unwarranted fear of chemical names we don’t recognise – EVERYTHING is made out of chemicals after all. However having the simple name alongside the scientific name is such a great idea.

Pai moisturizer and body cream expiry date

Additionally the products have an expiry date on it.  This is something that I have seen before though still too rarely, mainly on French brands. I think ALL products should have this. So gold star all round on the labelling front  to Pai.

Though most products I use are in the “natural” bracket, I’m generally not a fan of the words “natural” or “organic” on packaging because they are actually legally meaningless. ANY company can use those words without any proof so always do your research to find out whether a company is greenwashing if that’s important to you. Pai seems to take this seriously and are one of the few companies certified by the UK Soil Association, meaning their ingredients have been through some kind of verification process.

I am giving a few face and body products a whirl – the Camellia and Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser, Macadamia and Rose moisturiser and Royal Jasmine and May Chang Replenishing Body Oil. Let’s hope I’m as impressed with the products as I am with the labelling. I will report back when I’ve had the chance to properly trial them.

Pai skincare Pai skincare boxes

More information about Pai 

Read my review of the Pai camellia and rose gentle hydrating cleanser here.

  1. Hi Lynda, I am really excited to see how you get on with this range – the body oil looks amazing. The labelling is simple but brilliant. I really hope that other companies follow suit it would save a lot of confusion and misinformation.


    1. Hi Jo. Completely agree – it would be great if all companies could be inspired to do the same. I don’t see why they don’t unless they purposely want to mislead? Don’t want to be premature with my thoughts but so far so good! x

  2. Try Sun Putty
    It’s a natural sunscreen with gentle, skin-nurturing ingredients that can help with blemishes, hyperpigmentation and other skin problems. Many people with sensitive skin have had good experiences using Sun Putty

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