London Theatre: Ding Dong The Book of Mormon ~ Do Believe The Hype

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Finally saw The Book of Mormon, one of the most hyped shows currently on in London after its Broadway run. When tickets went on sale in February, the show broke West End box office records selling the most amount of tickets in one day.

I don’t want to give any spoilers but from the name I’m sure you already know that it involves Mormons. It is a musical theatre but not quite as we know it. The cast is fantastic and there are belly laughs, heart, soul and plenty of food for thought in between catchy ditties on theology, war lords, AIDs, colonialism and eternal damnation!

Penned by the team behind South Park and  the Avenue Q creator, if you watch those shows then you will know what to expect language-wise on the potty mouthed front. You will certainly be merrily blaspheming away afterwards.

In my opinion it’s actually quite a sneaky PR job for the Mormon Church! Anyway  I’m converted (to the show) and already planning to go and see it again. Thoroughly recommend you do the same.

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