Read this for an exclusive look at Weleda’s brand new wellness retreats

Founded over 100 years ago, Weleda is one of the oldest, natural beauty and wellbeing companies. I’ve managed to get a spot on a Weleda Insight Day visiting their beautiful biodynamic gardens and wildflower meadows in Derbyshire so when I discovered Weleda were launching a new immersive experience offering seasonal wellness retreats I jumped at the chance to check it out.

Weleda Wellness Retreat

The 3-night Weleda Wellness Retreat is designed for guests to learn more about nurturing nature, as well as empowering themselves with gentle guided activities, workshops, meditations and more. Retreats can sound very deep and heavy but the Weleda Wellness Retreat just isn’t that deep in the best possible way. It’s the perfect first retreat if you’ve never been to one before and also a pleasingly different pace if you’re a veteran. Read on to find out exactly what happens.

Have you ever been on a wellness retreat?

Where is the Weleda Wellness Retreat?

It all takes place in and around Lapwing Barns, a converted rural farmhouse, surrounded by breathtaking scenery in the middle of the Peak District national park. Facilities are cozy (hello log fire) and comfortable making it the perfect setting to switch off and unwind surrounded by fresh air and open space.

Weleda Wellness Retreats Review room at Lapwing House
Weleda Wellness Retreats

What do you do on the Weleda Wellness Retreat?

Activities included morning yoga sessions, guided nature walks, wellbeing and skincare workshops. Nothing is compulsory you’re not in boot camp! It’s all so well thought out it would be a shame not to get involved but the choice is entirely yours.

Morning Yoga Sessions

Yoga was the activity I was most anxious about having only done it once before and fainted (I did Ashtanga yoga which I now know is basically like running a marathon before I could walk!). Anyway Sharron, the yoga instructor gently guided the class with no judgement or contortion required. The session ended in a cozy, blanket laden lie down – always a good thing in my book.

Expert Workshops

The weekend included workshops with a trio of brilliant Weleda experts that really underlined how intrinsically connected our personal wellbeing is to the planet’s. I really found these sessions fascinating, full of insight and food for thought.

Weleda Wellness Retreats Review experts
Elizabeth King – skincare expert, Claire Hattersley – former Weleda head gardener, Evelyn Liddell – complementary health expert

Weleda’s former head gardener, Claire Hattersley, took us out on nature walks and taught us a little about biodynamic farming – a holistic approach that factors everything from the moon to soil health. You will be left marvelling at how wondrous Mother Nature is.

Weleda Wellness Retreats activities

We learnt about anthroposophy, a completely new to me philosophy, from Evelyn Liddell, a trained pharmacist and complementary health expert. It’s a holistic approach to overall wellbeing that takes in your personality, body and behaviour which reminded me a little of Ayurveda and dosha types. The better you know yourself, the better you can take care of yourself and others.

Elizabeth King, skincare expert and creator of Weleda’s new Signature Skin Treatment taught us about the skin’s cycles and rhythms and how to bring mindfulness into our daily skincare routines. Our skin is where the inner and outer world physically collide and everything is connected.

Locally Sourced Food

You know I’m a foodie so a special mention has to go to the delicious and nutritious, veggie food from a local chef. I am that girl who genuinely says yum to green smoothies so I was in food heaven. There was no shortage of cake though! The chef’s inventiveness and attention to detail was impressive with meals really celebrating plants in the most tantalising way. You will not go hungry and yes that is wine you spot. As I mentioned this Weleda retreat is not about deprivation.

We’ve all been through one of the most stressful times in human history #understatement. The Weleda Wellness Retreat offers the chance to escape for a little while and feel nurtured, whether you’re solo or with a friend.

You will leave the retreat feeling revived, relaxed and ready to take on whatever life throws at you. A blissful and calming weekend that will fill you with food for mind, body, soul and of course skin (you also get a goody bag full of Weleda products).

When is the Weleda Wellness Retreat?

The next Weleda retreat dates are as follows:
Summer: 8 – 11 July 2022; Autumn: 23 – 26 September 2022; Winter: 6 – 9 January 2023

Weleda Wellness Retreat including 3 nights accommodation, meals, and activities, from £645 per person based on twin occupancy, £850 per person based on single occupancy. Full details at

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