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New Wonder Oil? Cacay Naturals Cacay Oil Review

In my 2017 Top Ten Beauty Trend Predictions, I put my money on cacay oil being the new super star oil. It is being touted as the new argan oil. You know how we love the new! Of course you also know that there is nothing new under the sun, other cultures have been using these oils for an eternity….

For many of us dry skin types, oils are not  new trend but a longtime love, feeding and nourishing our skin. I am obsessed with oils, dousing myself daily from head to toe with various so a new one crossing my path is fairly rare and an exciting occasion.


Cacay Naturals declares that cacay oil is:

“an anti-aging 100% natural and 100% organic cold pressed with clinical studies that prove its effectiveness. It contains 50% more vitamin E and twice the amount of Linoleic Acid than Argan Oil. It also has 3 times more Retinol than Rose Hip Oil.”

Cacay Naturals

Rosehip and argan are two oils that I love and use regularly so I was curious to see how the cacay oil compared in performance. I’ve used a number of blends that contain cacay but hadn’t used 100% undiluled before.

Linoleic Acid is an Omega 6 fatty acid with anti-inflammatory properties that heals and helps other ingredients penetrate. Oils with high amounts are typically great for oiler and acne prone skin types. Retinol has many scientifically proven benefits for the skin including boosting collagen production, strengthening skin, repairing damage and reducing wrinkles. This is one of those oils that I think would be great for all skin types.


Another Amazonian wonder ingredient. Cacay is a wild walnut like fruit that grows in the Colombian Amazon basin, where it has long been used for skin and hair care as well as treating wounds. It is now being sustainably grown and wild harvested on a commercial basis to help develop the economy of indigenous communities, provide a viable alternative to narcotics for farmers and combat deforestation. It is pricier than rosehip and argan as it’s rarer and not available on the same scale. We get to experience the fruits of the workers’ labour and gain from their knowledge to get fabulous skin, for a fair price, win win.



Cacay oil is a light golden coloured oil with a smell that reminds me of roasted peanut skins. That may or may not be something you find mouthwatering. The scent dissipates within moments of being applied to the skin. Texture wise, cacay oil is fairly lightweight with an almost dry texture that sinks in to the skin and is absorbed almost immediately with no greasy residue on the surface. Bear in mind that I have Sahara dry skin so those with more oily skin types might not experience this.


My favourite way to use cacay oil is during the daytime under moisturiser or makeup. I was blow away by the results from the very first time I used it. We’re talking serious glow and skin softening. Cacay oil gives a beautiful radiance to the skin. The type that you do a double-take in the mirror to check yourself out. My skin just looked all round better after using the cacay oil.


Cacay oil is absolutely gorgeous under foundation. I’ve been using it either as a primer or mixed in with cream and liquid foundations.

The one and only complaint I have about this Cacay Naturals product is about the packaging. The amber bottle is great for preserving oil but the label needs to be made from an oil-proof material as any oil drips don’t wipe off so it was an absolute mess after a few days use.

Have you tried cacay oil?

Cacay Naturals 100% Cacay Oil, 30ml available to purchase on 

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