My Year of Green Beauty Empties #8: Snog, Marry and Avoids

Nearly there totting up 2017 empties! So here’s what I used up in November:

November 2017 green beauty empties

Read on for my thoughts on the products I’ve used and find out which I would snog, marry or avoid!

SNOG (good products that I thoroughly enjoyed having in my life but am not quite ready to make a commitment right now due to having an extensive harem of products). I.E MIGHT REPURCHASE:

green beauty empties - November 2017

  • Ooh! Marula Oil: as an oil junkie I’m always trying new oils. I’ve experienced marula oil in various oil blends but had never used on its own before. This was a fairly lightweight oil that absorbed quickly that I think would be great for oily, normal and combination skin. My skin is Sahara dry in the winter so I might look at this again in the summer. 
  • Blackup Anti-Shine Powder: a finely milled loose powder with a translucent finish. The description promised an ultra-matte effect and that the powder would blur minor imperfections. Thankfully for my dry skin the effect was not dead matte-like (I also used a light hand) and gave a nice, polished look to my makeup. It is talc based and I prefer non-talc options but for occasional use when I needed a matte face without any chalkiness at all this did the job nicely.   
  • Starskin Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Facial Mask: made with a fermented, coconut water, this left my winter dehydrated skin feeling very hydrated. The sheet is extremely moist so there’s a lot of serum left over and it was big enough to cover my face (quite an achievement haha).  You have to stay still though to stop it falling off your, which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just that i’ve got used to Dermovia lace masks.  

MARRY (products that I loved using, have or want to have a long term relationship with and plan an ongoing commitment to): I.E. WILL REPURCHASE

green beauty empties - marry - November 2017

  • Aromatherapy Associate Bath and Shower Oils: this was from a lovely gift set for being being a finalist at the 2017 Beauty Influencer Awards. I have bought these before and absolutely look these oils especially the revive range. 
  • Nude By Nature Radiant Loose Powder Foundation: this is the only mineral powder foundation that I’ve ever liked and used. It did not make my dry skin look like a slab of the Sahara desert and somehow manages to deliver on the radiant in the title. 
  • Martina Gebhardt Happy Ageing Cream: I love the name of this range from this little known here in the UK biodynamic skincare range from Germany. The name aside, this is a super nourishing cream perfect for winter skin and particularly dry skin whatever age. It’s a bit heavy for me during the daytime so I like it at night or as a face mask applied then go in to shower and my skin glows afterwards. 
  • Lucky Cloud Hydrating Body Balm Sweet Orange and Vanilla (now called Super Balm): this was a new discovery thanks to the lovely Sandra over at Beauty Balm  including it in our green beauty swap a while ago. A delectable, rich golden coloured, balm thanks to Calendula that melted on the skin. Great for feet, knees and anywhere in need of extra TLC.  
  • Ezape Naturals Rosemary Body Butter: a whipped body butter with a super rosemaryish scent, designed to treat very dry and eczema prone skin. Made with 5 natural ingredients, I found it certainly soothed a patch of dermatitis I had on my hand. 
  • Neal’s Yard Remedies Eye Make-up Remover: I actually ended up using this as an all over micellar water. Fresh delightful smell and didn’t irritate my sensitive skin and eyes. 
  • Supernatural Beauty Salvation Face Oil: this is oilgasm for dry skin as it contains a blend of 17 super nourishing and repairing plant oils including a roll call of some of my absolute faves such as seabuckthorn, baobab, tamanu, rosehip, pomegranate. It contains patchouli oil which you’ll certainly can’t miss when you give the oil a sniff. The grounding scent grew on me using this lovely oil which had my skin glowing. 
  • ILIA Fade Into You finishing powder: this is a repeat buy. It’s a fab powder for dry skin as it contains aloe vera, vitamin E and rosemary oil so doesn’t suck the life out of your skin. This is more of a finishing than setting powder which suits me fine as I like a dewy rather than matte finish. My only complaint is that I wish refills were available – when I expressed this I heard back from ILIA that they’re working on this which is fantastic news!
  • Dr Lipp’s Original Nipple Balm: made from lanolin sourced from free-roaming sheep with untainted wool. Nourishing yet quickly absorbed so great under matte lipsticks and in winter.

AVOID /PECK ON THE CHEEK  (No avoids this month. None of these are bad products, they just but didn’t work for me for one reason or another ). I.E. WON’T REPURCHASE

green beauty empies - november 2017 - peck on the cheek

  • Mandarin Balm Balm: this came in a set, I wouldn’t have bought it on its own. If you love mandarin though you’d love this. 
  • Sundari Neem and Date Seed Exfoliator: I was intrigued by the use of neem and date seed in this Ayurvedic inspired body scrub as I hadn’t seen those on an ingredients list before. This wasn’t quite scrubby enough for me. 
  • Kinn Bath Oil: Read my review of the Kinn range. I love the products but don’t do baths. 
  • Neal’s Yard Remedies Garden Mint and Bergamot Hand Cream: I prefer a neutral smelling handcream. 

That’s another 17 products used up!

I think I’m going to hit over 150 products for the end of the year. How many did you use?

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