Makeup empties

Makeup Empties from Becca, Chanel, Daniel Sandler, Ellis Faas, Giorgio Armani, Mavala

One of the great satisfactions during my 3-month spending ban, which i successfully completed *proud face* was using up products. For the first time in who knows how long I actually had makeup empties!

Makeup empties
Makeup empties

Makeup empties, left to right:

  • Daniel Sandler Camo Cover: I bought this for around £3 in Harrods during the bargaintastic Christmas sale. When I first used it during the winter, it was quite hard to spread on the skin so I only used occasionally. During the summer when my Ellis Faas concealer ran out and I couldn’t buy a replacement due to the spending ban, I dug it out and what a revelation. It was creamy, easy to blend and was my exact skin colour! I could literally dot in on without blending and you wouldn’t be able to tell. Sadly it’s been discontinued – the story of my beauty life.
  • Mavala Nail Shield Phase 1 and 2: after I stopped having gel manicures my nails were a weak, flaking mess. They were sending out an SOS and Mavala Shield came to the rescue.  This 2-step product is indeed a shield for the nails and after a few weeks of use my nails did feel more protected. Review coming soon. I would buy again.
  • Giorgio D’Armani lip gloss in Beige 103 (day 19 of #100lippydays): I’m generally a fan of Armani beauty products but found this a decidedly average lipgloss.  The colour wasn’t particularly unique – a nondescript golden peach that I have a gazillion variants of, and it wasn’t particularly long-lasting. It did feel nice on the lips though. The packaging does annoy me though – you can never get your full money’s worth as the applicator doesn’t reach the bottom of the tube so that’s around 10% you lose, equivalent to the price of a cup of coffee on designer brands like this. I would not buy again.
  • Ellis Faas Concealer in S207: I’ve mentioned before that this is my favourite concealer In The World. I really should do a proper review. Great colour match for me, creamy on dry skin, easily blended texture, works on blemishes as well as under eyes and very cool packaging. I LOVE THIS concealer. This I think was my fifth or sixth re-purchase so yes I will be buying again.
  • Becca Luminous Skin Colour in Tobacco: Also mentioned before. One of my favourite tinted moisturisers. It offers no coverage whatsoever but somehow just makes the skin look better and adds a nice radiance to my dry skin. This is a multiple re-purchase and I already had a backup so yes I will be buying again.
  • Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara 10: not impressed with this mascara at all. Clumpy as hell. It made me look like I had 3 fat eyelashes….just three…not a good look. It also didn’t have the good grace to be easy to remove. The wand broke as well, the first time that has ever happened with any mascara regardless of price tag. Had heard lots of raves about this Chanel mascara but it did nothing for me. I would not buy again.

Why is finishing makeup so much more satisfying than skincare?

  1. …Because it’s SO DAMN HARD! Congrats on the empties Lynda, they are SO satisfying when it’s makeup. Especially color products….is love to finish a damn lippie (so I can buy more, obviously lol).

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